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Real Estate Investor Client Testimonials

– David Nelson, Meet the Masters 2018 in La Jolla

-Jonathan, Meet the Masters 2017 in Irvine

-Scott McLaughlin, JHU Live 2015 in San Diego

-Michael K, JHU Live 2015 in San Diego

-Stacy Sloan, 2018 JHU

-Greg Pond, 2018 JHU

-Sherri LaFave, 2018 D3MTM of IP

-Sarah AdamsMan, 2018 D3MTM of IP

-Gwen Carpenter, 2018_D3MTM of IP

-Eric Hackney, 2018_D3MTM of IP

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Event Attendee Reviews

I thought the event was amazing.
 I thought the event was amazing. I thought that I knew a lot about real estate but coming to your seminar I realized there’s a lot of things that I don’t know. One thing that you do besides teach me a lot about real estate is you inspired me to look beyond where I live and to and shrink down the world and make it smaller so that I can invest some places that are further away and get a better return. So I really appreciate that and I’m excited to be here this weekend. Thanks for doing these events because they’re great. 

-Diana_Dine, 2018 D3MTM of IP

-David Nelson, 2018_D3MTM of IP

-Carolina B, 2018_D3MTM of IP

-Zainab Allmond, 2018 D2PIP Hawaii-Jaden Zubal, 2018 D2PIP Hawaii

-Brad Jacobson, 2018 D2PIP Hawaii

-Tobi Kimura, 2018 D1PIP Hawaii

-Marcus Asahina, 2018 D1PIP Hawaii

-David Nelson, 2018 D1PIP Hawaii

-Brad Jacobson, 2018_D1PIP Hawaii

-Eric Hackney, 2018_D1MTM of IP

-Bob G, 2018_D1MTM of IP

-Yvette M, 2017 Meet the Masters

-Sean Carroll, 2017 Meet the Masters

-Matt Eklund, 2017 Meet the Masters

-Sapan Mody, 2017 Meet the Masters

-Dr. Steve Jones, 2017 Meet the Masters

-Derrick Harcey, 2017 Meet the Masters

-Russel Monson, 2015 PPIN Memphis Tour

-Gay Ribisi, 2015 PPIN Memphis Tour

-Brooke Loader, 2015 PPIN Memphis Tour

-Brent Cook, 2015 JHU

-Paula Gervasoni, 2014 TMW

-Michael Smith, 2014 TMW

-Brent Cook, 2014 TMW

-Scott Zaughlin, 2014 JHU

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