Jason Hartman hosts his mother, Joyce, alongside investor counselor Fernando. They are both returning guests and share some of their recent real estate investing experience. Joyce speaks about her experience joining the Apartment Owners Association. Fernando points out some educational resources. Jason gives some insight into why he recommends working with an investment counselor.

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Today, I am planning, but you know what they say about plans, they don’t always happen, the best laid plans Of Mice and Men don’t always happen that way. So I’m planning to have as our guest today, john Michael Greer, the author of the wealth of nature, however, I have two people to help me with this intro portion. Because I’ve got some interesting stuff. And I just have a feeling we’re going to go too long. And we’re going to do the entire episode. In our discussion here. We will see. So if we don’t have john Michael Greer on today, I’m telling you in advance, he’ll be on the next episode. So I’ve got Fernando with us that you’ve heard on the show before Fernando, how are you doing? I’m doing great, Jason. How are you? Good. Good. And then I’ve also got my mother who’s been on the show, I think this is this month. I think this is your fourth time on the show, right? Oh, I’ve been here a few times. That’s for sure. Yeah. And every time you’re on the show, Mom, everybody says, we would rather have your mom host the show than you. So you could put me out of a job.

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Well, anyway, so I wanted to talk about a couple of things. And Fernando and I are working hard on developing a software tool that will help people either use property managers in an ala carte fashion, where they can just buy the services they need, rather than buying the whole thing. And I think that’s just going to be awesome. So we’re working on that. Yeah, yeah. We’re working on that. And we’ll talk about it a little bit today. And then also the software tool would empower people to self manage their properties. And Fernando, I don’t know if you noticed this, but when You spoke at our meet the Masters event in January, you talked about the 70 doors that you have 50 properties and 70 doors total 70 units total. And you made a little offhanded remark that a lot of people picked up on I’m not sure if everybody did I’m not sure if you even heard the feedback on it. But you said that sometimes your self managed properties are easier than your properties that have property managers do you care to elaborate on that?

Fernando 3:31
Well, it’s it’s based on what I’m actually seeing. I get my my personality is the type that wants to look at every owner statement that comes for my properties. I want to make sure that I’m not being overcharged for items and a lot of times simple items that you know, handyman quick fix are sent over to to full fledged professionals, plumbers and electricians and for things that really don’t make sense. Since, and I spent a lot of time overseeing in, in arguing at times with the property manager about why was this done? And why was that done and in, you know, if I’m spending that much time overseeing the charges, and sometimes having to correct these charges, it makes sense for me to, to find a system to do this myself. And I’ve been able to do this self management on several of my properties, and therefore I can control the costs. I’m the one that is directly impacted by by these maintenance and repair costs add up very quickly. But I think the main thing that I mentioned in the meet the master masters is the fact that the tenants seem to have a different dynamic when they are dealing directly with the owner. Yeah, and

Jason Hartman 4:52
I noticed that and mentioned eight years ago, I completely agree with you, by the way and, and my mom’s gonna agree with us to go go ahead and start

Unknown 5:00
Yeah, so I noticed that for my properties, self managed properties, I sometimes I wonder if everything is okay because I don’t hear from the tenants for four months. And I sometimes will will contact and check on them, you know, just because I’m thinking of, you know, anything that could be possibly wrong and they’re not reporting and it’s just amazing how that works. It’s not true for all cases, but I know that that is true. And direct contact with the tenant also sets up a, I think sets up a different relationship then the property manager, which is kind of a black hole, to the tenant sets up a dynamic is definitely different.

Jason Hartman 5:44
Right. So let me let me just elaborate on that if I can. And Mom, you’re gonna definitely agree with this, I’m sure. Now look, the first thing I want to say with this folks, okay, is that property managers, some of them are awesome. I’d say some of them are definitely not awesome. And some are pretty bad too. And so it spans the gamut. And one of the things we do is if we get a bad apple through our network, we weed them out pretty quick because we’re constantly assimilating this feedback we get from our clients. And you know, eventually we get a few complaints. And we’re going to just get rid of this guy, if they’re just a bad apple, or we’re going to be able to put a lot of pressure on them to change. But in comparison to other investments, even if you have a property manager, who dings you nickel and dime you and even if they overcharge you think of the how much better this still is than any type of Wall Street oriented investment, or any type of fund where there are all sorts of overcharges that you never even know about. You have no concept that they’re going on. Okay, so that I just want to put that in context, Fernando fair statement. Yeah. Okay. One of the things though, With his self management is now how many doors do you have that you’re self managing versus you have managers on Fernando? I self manage about eight, eight to 10 properties depends on how you count it but significant amount and so you’re saying depending on how you count it because some are duplexes or four plexes Yeah, okay, so so out of 70 you’ve got eight to 10 depending on how you count that are self managed and all the rest have property managers. Now Mom, you’re self managing everything now. Right? All of your your entire portfolio self managed everything. Okay. And my mom, for those of you who may have not heard her on a prior episode, I call her the extreme like, you’ve heard of extreme sports. Well, my mom is an extreme do it yourselfer. And Mom, you just blow me away at your level of energy. And, and you know, you’d think you’d be kind of scaling back and so forth, but you are not even close to doing that. You’re just always running around and The level of extreme is that you now live in Gulf Shores, Alabama, moving there from Los Angeles several years ago, you go back to California to manage the California properties you still have, right? Yes. And you just did that. Recently. I mean, this, to me seems like a terrible idea. I mean, you literally self manage every part. Now I self manage some of my long distance properties. And I’ve been surprised that you can actually do that so well. But when it comes to doing the new lease up, I don’t travel anywhere. I just have an agent, do the lease up and do the walkthroughs for the tenant leaving and the tenant coming and so forth. And the handle any repair issues in between, but you do literally everything. I mean, you don’t have an agent do anything for you. Right, right. And you’ve been really excited lately. I mean, I remember many years ago, I was a member of the apartment Owners Association in Orange County. And recently, you’ve been coming to me a lot about how you love the apartment Owners Association. Tell us a little bit about that.

Joyce 9:08
Well, I just recently joined again, I was a member a long, long, long time ago. But I just recently joined and they have this magazine that comes out monthly maybe that’s what got me so excited about it, because you read all of the articles in it, there’s a whole bunch of classes that you can take and then there are all of these vendors that you know that advertised in the in the on the pages and and then they’re all classified in the front and the front of the book, you know all the plumbers together all of the eviction services together, at you know, everything from soup to nuts, all the people that sell stoves, refrigerators, etc. It’s disintegrate or organization

Jason Hartman 9:56
and the reason it’s great is because all Like our network, it aggregates things and it helps those vendors that are listed in the directory of The Apartment Association. You know, they’re kind of used to having dealing with shrewd property owners who are expecting good deals, right?

Joyce 10:18
Absolutely. That’s, for example, the man that came that I finally chose to fix my floors. He wrote a Oh a on the top of the sheet, because he knew he had to give me a good price

Jason Hartman 10:33
AOA meaning apartment Owners Association, right,

Joyce 10:35
yeah. Yeah. In the difference between his price for six sigma, for, you know, installing hardwood floors, and the price of the people that I had gotten out of the yellow pages of the phone book, the phone book, you hear that, folks, my mom actually uses the Yellow Pages and a phonebook. Well, in the internet, too, you know, sometimes you can’t get enough on the internet and Those people that advertise in the yellow pages are usually always there. You know, they’re still in business. Anyway, the difference was it went from 30 $700 Yellow Pages 30 $400 yellow pages to $2,000 apartment Owners Association persons.

Jason Hartman 11:18
Tell them about the painter you just hired. I mean, you got the whole inside of this house painted for a bargain price about what seven 800 bucks.

Joyce 11:26
Oh yeah. Previous previously, I for that particular house. I had been paying 1200 1300 1400 and you know, sometimes it was like a lot of tough stuff. It wasn’t a complete paint job. This was a complete paint job for two storey house. Three, three bedrooms, two and a half baths. You know, inside laundry room, we have $185 I did not have to tell the man to You missed this, you missed that you missed something else. I didn’t have to tell him to clean up his mess. It was it was. It was so amazing that I called up the apartment Owners Association, guy cod who had referred me to him and told him how pleased I was.

Fernando 12:17
George. So I have a question that is, is the apartment Owners Association only for California?

Jason Hartman 12:23
That’s a great question. There’s a national apartment Owners Association. And let me just say what this and that website, by the way is an A hq.org. That’s the national Apartment Association, na hq.org. We had them on the show years ago. I just asked my guests Booker to invite them back onto the show. And then they have a directory on that website where you can find local apartment owners associations, like the one My mom is a member of and so not every area will have them obviously it’s going to be bigger, bigger cities, but they have one in Birmingham, Alabama, for example, that’s one of our markets. And there are different sizes and so forth. And I think this can be a very handy thing. My mom does all her own tenant screening. I mean, she’s the extreme do it yourselfer. So just so you know, listeners, this interview, we you know, we have many different types of investors listening, we have investors who are completely busy with their, their business or their career, their profession, and they just want to buy six or 10 investment properties and not deal with it. This talk is not for you, okay? The investor this show is geared toward is one who wants to be a little more involved and maximize the returns a little bit more. Okay. So, you know, if you’re, if you don’t mind being involved, and maybe you like being involved, that’s who this is targeted at. And so, what I would say is, you know, joining these apartment associations, I mean, the one my mom’s a member of is $79 a year, you know, maybe in a city where you own a couple, three, four or 10 or 20 properties, it would definitely be worth it to join the association.

Joyce 14:07
You’ve mentioned the word tenant screening, and it doesn’t matter. You know where you are in the United States, they will do this tenant screening for you. I say that because it’s where the National Credit accompanies, you know, Experian and

Jason Hartman 14:25
Equifax and TransUnion TransUnion.

Joyce 14:28
And they simply will come to your home or your office and inspect it and for I think it was $59 or $55 or something, and then you have the right to run these credit reports 24 seven,

Jason Hartman 14:43
and so what they do is they make sure that you have a locking file cabinet and a paper shredder Right, right, and a lock on the door and a lock on the door and they they came into your 9600 square foot mansion, and what do they like, I got to invest in real estate right? Let the guy

Joyce 15:01
No, the guy took pictures inside outside Africa. He probably thought,

Jason Hartman 15:07
boy to get a mansion like this, I need to start owning some real estate. Real Estate Investor. Remember, you’re listening to flashback Friday. Our new episodes are published every Monday and Wednesday. That’s good. So I’m looking here on the website and they have, you know, different levels of screening. They have the five star screening the four star that no inspection, I assume that’s no inspection of you right now. But that’s the problem with that. One is that you have to send them copies of all of your leases. So I thought that was too much work. So I had the guy come and do the inspection. Oh, okay. So then they can come out to your house anywhere in the country, because these are just outsource services who will just go do this inspection.

Joyce 15:54
Right, Right. Right. Yeah. Okay. And you got to pay $59 and then your setup. I can’t remember what it was. But it was something like that. It’s a minor charge.

Fernando 16:03
I’m curious just if you don’t mind Joyce or and you, both of you. So this is a it’s an apartment Association right so I imagine that there is a similar you know, group or company that is focused on on single family homes a social you know, some ownership landlord there isn’t really if there is one Why would you choose the apartment one versus the single family home or

Jason Hartman 16:30
the apartment one is don’t let that turn you off. You can join even if you don’t own apartments. When I first joined the Orange County apartment Owners Association, I was 20 years old and I had my little one condo in Huntington Beach. It was just a crappy little one bedroom condo. Okay, and I joined

Joyce 16:47
Facebook changed the name to owners who have rental units.

Jason Hartman 16:54
That’s a really it should be called the real estate investors Association. Okay. You know, really But yeah, don’t don’t let that turn you off. It’s not it doesn’t need to be apartments, okay, you know, you can any anybody can join it, it’s no big deal. These are really old school type organizations, but they have some great resources. If you look at, you know, the the website of the local chapters, they’re pretty primitive websites. I mean, you know, I remember when I was a member, they used to send out this little, like stapled together monthly newsletter, you know, it was just really basic. But, but that’s great. Look at this is not a some high end marketing organization. It’s just a place where you can get some good resources and the vendors go there because they can get a lot of business.

Fernando 17:37
Right. And I was looking at this website, as you know. And looks like they are announcing this new improved debt Reporting Service. That sounds really amazing.

Jason Hartman 17:51
I love that. Yeah, yeah. So what that is, and when I was surfing around the website, I posted that in our company, intranet site, and Fernando, you commented on it right away. This is where if you have a deadbeat tenant who owes you some money, you can send them to this collection agency really quite easily. And this is pre judgment. So you don’t need to have a judgment from a court. Yeah, you don’t have to have a money judgment for them to do it. But there’s it’s limited in what they can do. Basically, what they do is they bug the person who owes you the money is what they do, you know, they don’t have legal power to, to go and levy a bank account or garnish wages or anything like that, which you do have when you get a real judgment. But a lot of a lot of these people will just pay because they’re getting either mailboxes full of collection letters, and you know, they get phone calls or whatever. Mom, have you used that service your chance

Joyce 17:45
No, because I just joined but I’m certainly going to, because sometimes I don’t bother to get a money judgment, because I just figure that these tenants will never ever, ever be worth it, you know, for that extra hundred dollars or whatever it is. And so these people will go to work. Without the buddy judgment,

Jason Hartman 19:03
I’m gonna disagree with you on that, but just expand on that a little bit more if you would. So you when you have an eviction, and you’re obviously self managing everything, tell the listeners how you do your evictions.

Joyce 19:15
Oh, I might I myself serve the three day notice to pay rent or quit if you’re local though. No, no, I, I make it up myself and I fax it over to snap legal because they’re the least expensive ones. They serve the notice for like $33

Jason Hartman 19:30
Okay, and so that’s a process server is what snap legal is right, fastest server, right, right. And they go and they serve the tenant. They serve the three day notice to pair quite right,

Joyce 19:44
correct. And since I know how to make them out, they’re perfectly legal. And if we have to do the eviction, actually get started on it, then I simply send that information to the Attorney

Jason Hartman 19:59
When you say V attorney, the listeners don’t know what you mean. So you find you have an eviction service law firm, right? And I want to make a distinction there. Because when you say to the attorney, most people think, oh, they’re gonna go sit down with an attorney, they’re gonna pay, they’re gonna pay $300 an hour, and they’re going to get totally ripped off.

Joyce 20:20
Now, it could be eviction attorney service, I use all the eviction attorneys.

Jason Hartman 20:26
what I call a mill or an assembly line type of legal service, where they’re set up and they might process hundreds or even thousands of evictions every month, and they just charge a flat fee. Now, how much

Joyce 20:41
do they charge you? in different counties? It’s different amounts. It’ll be a little bit different amount in Orange County, a little bit different amount in LA County, a slightly different amount in Riverside County.

Jason Hartman 20:54
And what about your properties in where do you have Mississippi and Alabama to write? What about Have you had any evictions on those? I have had an eviction. Okay, so you’re only you’ve only dealt with evictions on the California properties so far knock on wood. Well, that’s why I want to I want to be in contact with apartment owner associations in Mississippi and an Alabama so that I know that I am doing the correct thing that I have the correct form. Right right and you’ll be ready in case you ever need them for even if it’s not for an eviction it could be for repair items and you know, getting the best contractors for all that stuff. So yeah, good. Good. Fernando questions

or no, it sounds good. I’m already already thinking about joining the association so

Jason Hartman 21:42
it’s cheap and easy. Now one of the things in Fernando since you’re on I want to talk to our listeners about this idea a little bit and I’ve looted to it on the show before I think I talked about it in more detail at the meet the Masters event we had that is the concept of doing Larger things and larger portfolios. And I had aunt Joan on several episodes ago around Thanksgiving time. Of course, that’s my mom’s sister. Okay. By the way, listeners, if you listen to that interview, I asked her editor to go back and improve the sound quality. And he says he made it quite a bit better the echo was, was pretty bad on that originally, and he says he redid that episode. So it should be a lot better if you want to listen again. But with that, I think one of the really good ways to approach this if you’re looking to do bigger stuff, and this is one of the things I really want to explore and actually implement with my venture Alliance mastermind group is the idea of owning neighborhoods. I really do like this idea quite a bit. I like single family homes the best. And I think the idea of picking three cities so that you are diversified and were in three cities. You get on a plan, you don’t do this all at once, of course, you get on a plan of where you’ve got a couple three properties in each city. And you you, you keep doubling down and focusing on these three different cities. And eventually you get to the point where you own, you know, 1020 or 30 properties in each of these cities, and hopefully they’re in, you know, sections and kind of, you know, broad neighborhoods of these cities, so that you can eventually get to the point as an investor in the growth of your portfolio where you can hire your own handyman and that person will go and do all of these things. And Fernando, you mentioned at the beginning, you know, rather than having a professional, very expensive plumber come out and do everything, you know, you can just have a good reliable high quality handyman. Do a lot of this stuff, and even if they’re not Your own person that actually works for you. If they’re getting a lot of business from you, they’re going to really care about and pay attention to your account and and provide you with really good service and really good prices, you’re going to be able to call them at at 11am on Sunday morning and say, Hey, can you go check this thing out, you can shoot them an email, they’re going to be very responsive, because they’re going to know that you have a lot of business in this area, and they’re going to want to take care of you. You know, for NATO. We’ve talked about that idea before any any thoughts or elaboration you want to share on that?

Just a reminder, you’re listening to flashback Fridays, our new episodes are published every Monday and every Wednesday.

Fernando 24:44
Well, I think the the idea of buying as you mentioned in the beginning, the idea of buy bigger units, you know, apartment complexes is is is very interesting, especially as we talk to clients that that want to I guess they want to achieve their financial independence. in, in, in by large number of properties quickly. Some of them have talked to me about buying apartment complexes up front and there’s some issues with buying these big, big size investments upfront. You’re not necessarily taking advantage of the, the the 10 spots that Fannie Mae and Freddie bank allows you to, to to take out as you’re doing financing. So if you become part of of a group that is able to buy under a company, I suppose you know, an LLC is formed and in the LLC belong we invest in, in this larger apartment complex, and there is a different you know, an alternative for for doing this for building your portfolio more quickly than trying to build This on your own, which could create some issues. Definitely. So

Jason Hartman 26:03
I want to make a comment about apartments. You know, I have I currently own both I have single family homes and apartments in one of my apartment complexes, while one I sold several months ago. And another one I’ve got and it looks like it’s sold, we’re going to be doing a 1031 exchange on that one. And myself and my partner who was at masters, by the way, he talked on the microphone for a little bit that Steve I’m referring to. This is 125 unit complex in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I got to tell you that, you know, the apartments there, they’re like good and bad, you know, you can do great with them. Obviously, you can do bigger things with them. But the quality of tenants is just low, it’s just lower, and it’s more high. It’s much more high maintenance. You have very high maintenance, tenants and apartments because they know it’s a big management company. And like you started to say at the beginning of the interview It’s sort of this black hole concept like the tenant doesn’t have any reservation. They don’t feel like they’re putting upon someone sort of the laws of civility and courteousness, don’t apply when it’s a management company like it does when it’s a person. And Mom, I know you’ve experienced this because your tenants don’t ask you for much. And you don’t do a whole lot in terms of, you know, repair items and things like that. But in an apartment, they expect every little thing and an apartment, you’re running a business, you know, you you will be reviewed on Yelp, just like the dry cleaner, or the restaurant down the street. Okay. You know, it’s a whole different game. When you have an apartment complex, it’s just a completely different thing. So the single family homes, I like them the best, but the advantage of the apartment is you can have this centralized management, you can have this centralized repairs, you can have economies of scale. And the way my aunt Joan did that I like that plan pretty well. You know, when you start to own a neighborhood of single family homes, because what you can do there is that you can actually start to increase your rents pretty dramatically and improve the values of the neighborhood. If every time a tenant is looking in a given neighborhood, they’re bouncing around on your houses like a pinball machine. You can do a lot to to increase rental income and increase values if you have good upkeep of that neighborhood. So I think this is a pretty good opportunity. And by the way, Fernando, I wanted to mention we’ve not mentioned this on the show yet but we have a new product in the Jason hartman.com store. And it is consulting with Fernando. It’s called Financial Independence Day consulting. And basically Fernando will do what he does Did for himself starting three years ago, where he he created some awesome spreadsheets and a plan to lead to his financial independence day. And Fernando, you you retired from Apple Computer last May. And do you want to share anything about the Financial Independence Day consulting?

Fernando 29:17
Oh, sure, just a few things that you know, as you know, you and I have been talking about this and we’ve had a lot of interest from from clients and people that I want to do what I did myself which is achieve my financial independence and we coined the phrase Financial Independence Day, as, as really embodying the, the idea of being able to have enough income from properties to augment in my case to completely replace the income from from your corporate job from your W two job. So with that in mind, we’ve been putting together some

Fernando 30:00
Some material to create a product that I think we’ll be able to offer later on that we’ll have a full version of, of how to achieve this financial independence day. And as a complement to that, what we’re offering now is this consulting this hourly consulting, where I’ll basically share my experience and help create a plan that is personnel personal to to the client, and takes into account their situation and starts out with, with the the softer spreadsheet that looks at how many properties and what sort of properties are needed to replace their income. And we talk about different financing options and how to sequence mortgages in order to take advantage of what what we have now. In different offerings, such as agency type financing with Fannie and Freddie backing, commercial banking, in portfolio landing, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order for this financial day to happen and I went through this process myself and by by having done it, I can certainly provide some some ideas and help people along that want to want to achieve it. So this is something that we’re just starting out with and I’m pretty excited about it. I think it’s, it feels very good to be able to share the role that I that I’ve been going through the has been just exceptional and there’s been a lot of interest in in learning how to do this and having a an actual plan on how to get there with a fixed dating mine and six ideas on how to do it.

Jason Hartman 31:57
Yeah, a goal a goal defined as half achieved As the saying goes and and that’s what the Financial Independence Day consulting is all about. So check that out and sign up at Jason Hartman calm and Fernando will will create that financial independence day for you you’ll you’ll meet on the phone or Skype and talk for just under an hour maybe and he will you know work those spreadsheets out for you and I think that’s a really cool product you’re doing Fernando so congratulations on that mom any tips you want to leave people with or anything I didn’t ask you anything we didn’t share before we wrap up and and obviously listeners will have the guest on the next episode because of course we went really long as we knew we would

Joyce 32:37
Wow, I would like to learn about Fernando’s financial independence day well, you you’re you’re already there.

Fernando 32:45
You’ve done pretty well for yourself, I should say I want to learn more from you as I learned today. So I think we’re in the same boat.

Jason Hartman 32:51
Well, that’s that’s what we’re doing is learning from each other learning from each other. So maybe a final tip before we go you know if either of you want to share anything Or an experience or whatever, is just as we wrap up

Joyce 33:03
Ah. The only thing I can say is that and Jason, you do this in your seminars all the time. It’s the education. And what I see in the in, you know, in belonging to the apartment Owners Association, it’s the constant education.

Jason Hartman 33:21
Yeah, good stuff. Good stuff. Fernando, any closing thoughts?

Fernando 33:25
No, I think that that’s that’s an excellent point. I think it’s a it’s the first step in in achieving financial independence and it certainly was my first step is just trying to learn listening to podcasts and books and any any any information that you can about the different facets of real estate, income and real estate investing. There’s so much to learn and there’s always new things that come up. So without, without that backing without that, that background information gathering and learning. It’s really difficult to achieve anything. There’s a Big value in that

Jason Hartman 34:01
Education is the shortest distance between poverty and wealth. So that’s definitely important. But the great thing about today is you don’t need to pay for that education because it’s, it’s pretty much free. The I guess what I’ll leave you with is go back and listen to the old episodes. We’ve got almost 500 episodes here for you. And we do play them on flashback Friday, some of the selected old ones. But of course, getting through 500 will take almost forever. So go back and just listen to them yourself, and really take advantage of them. And there’s some there’s some great content, some great guest interviews there that I’ve done, and we were going to keep them coming. We’ve got a lot of great stuff coming up for you as well. So we will have our guests talking about the wealth of nature on the next episode, and be sure to go to Jason hartman.com. We’ve got some awesome properties right now in Atlanta, in Little Rock in Chicago boys, Chicago, a lot of interest in that market. We did that on the last show. We talked about that one. Just a lot of great stuff coming up, and we will look forward to talking to you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening, and happy investing.

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I’ve never really thought of Jason as subversive, but I just found out that’s what Wall Street considers him to be.

Announcer 35:19
Really now How is that possible at all?

Announcer 35:21
Simple. Wall Street believes that real estate investors are dangerous to their schemes? Because the dirty truth about income property is that it actually works in real life.

Announcer 35:31
I know I mean, how many people do you know not including insiders who created wealth with stocks, bonds and mutual funds? those options are for people who only want to pretend they’re getting ahead.

Unknown 35:43
Stocks and other non direct traded assets are losing game for most people. The typical scenario is you make a little you lose a little and spin your wheels for decades.

Announcer 35:54
That’s because the corporate crooks running the stock and bond investing game will always see to it that they will win. This means unless you’re one of them, you will not win.

Announcer 36:04
And unluckily for wall street. Jason has a unique ability to make the everyday person understand investing the way it should be. He shows them a world where anything less than a 26% annual return is disappointing.

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Yep. And that’s why Jason offers a one book set on creating wealth that comes with 20 digital download audios. He shows us how we can be excited about these scary times and exploit the incredible opportunities this present economy has afforded us.

Announcer 36:33
We can pick local markets, untouched by the economic downturn, exploit packaged commodities investing and achieve exceptional returns safely and securely.

Announcer 36:44
I like how he teaches you how to protect the equity in your home before it disappears and how to outsource your debt obligations to the government.

Announcer 36:52
And this set of advanced strategies for wealth creation is being offered for only $197 to get your creating wealth encyclopedia book one complete with over 20 hours of audio. Go to Jason hartman.com forward slash store.

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If you want to be able to sit back and collect checks every month, just like a banker Jason’s creating wealth encyclopedia series is for you. This show is produced by the Hartman media company All rights reserved for distribution or publication rights and media interviews, please visit www dot Hartman media.com or email media at Hartman media.com. Nothing on this show should be considered specific personal or professional advice. Please consult an appropriate tax legal real estate or business professional for individualized advice. opinions of guests are their own and the host is acting on behalf of Platinum properties investor network, Inc. exclusively. Thank you so much for listening.

Jason Hartman 37:57
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