Brittney joins Jason Hartman to talk about Port Richey and the Greater Tampa areas as new real-estate markets in Florida. Jason also shares going to Jekyll Island, Georgia, the Federal Reserve’s birthplace, and how it brings to mind that Central Banks control governments around the world. Jason and Brittney also discuss the concept of investing, which is to plan for the future today and delay gratification to save capital.

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Greetings from sunny South Florida. I am coming to you today from South Beach, Florida, Miami area. And this is your host, Jason Hartman. And I want to welcome all of our listeners from 164 countries around the world. Thank you so much for joining us today. And we’re going to talk about several things of importance. But one is how you can win a nice little contest we’re having, and it’s super easy, and we have a lot of winners. So here with me to explain the contest is Brittany, you’ve heard her on the show before Brittany, how are you?

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Hi, good, Jason. Glad to be on.

Jason Hartman 1:39
Welcome. Welcome. Hey, how long have we been working together? Brittany? I can’t believe you’re still putting.

Brittney 1:47
Yeah, no, I enjoy it. It is Gosh, going on seven years. It’ll be in August. Oh, no. Eight years. I think 2008 right. Yes. Is it 2016 is 2016

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Oh, yeah, my math isn’t good at all. No, you know what my I tell you something my mom taught me a long time ago when I was first getting into real estate, even though I kind of got her into real estate, but she started six months before I did. She taught me to always use the calculator. And I think that has impaired my thinking. Sure, yeah. Because you always have this crutch, you know. So whenever I want to add like, one plus one, I just pull out my handy HP 12 c financial calculator, and I put one plus one. And in the information age, one plus one doesn’t always equal to you know what it equals? What’s that? 11 Oh, yeah, exponential. We live in an exponential world, where it is an amazing time to be alive. And less amazingly, we have this cool little contest, so why don’t you tell our listeners about it?

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Sure. We have three different ways you can win. You can win a pair of tickets to the Cincinnati property tour, plus creating wealth. Education for the weekend that includes the bus tour and includes your meals for the weekend. And it includes educational conference as well. And we have six winners that will draw for that you can also win a Jason Hartman University annual membership, which will draw six winners for that as well. And our grand prize is all expenses paid trip to the property tour for the weekend, that includes airfare, as well as the tickets for the weekend. So I believe I did the math on this and it was over 1100 dollars, you’ll be saving. So you will get a $500 travel allowance which will cover your flights. And you know, depending so

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if you’re if you’re coming from Europe or Japan, or something like that, this probably won’t quite do it, but it’ll be an allowance toward your airfare, you know, so just just a little taste claimer there clarification. Yeah,

Brittney 4:01
yes. And we will choose one winner for that. So the winner, they will have that travel allowance to use towards their ticket or their ticket plus a guest if they want to bring a guest as well.

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Okay, so here are the questions. Of course, I’m going to say what do you need to do to enter the contest? It’s pretty darn easy, but also a question in on the minds of many listeners, because we’ve had, I think about three dozen people sign up for the tour already. And the creating wealth seminar. It’s a combined weekend. It’s a weekend event with the seminar and the tour woven through the weekend. So you get to you get the education, and you get to see actual properties. And by the way, listeners, I’ve got to tell you, this is what is this is one of the things that really differentiates us from all of these other I hate to say a bit cheesy and sometimes less than reputable real estate gurus out there. Maybe more than just sometimes is that we have to actually put our money where our mouth is because all of the education that we give you at our events, we actually are in the real estate business, unlike most of these gurus out there, so we’re actually going to provide properties that you can actually buy. So what we talked about and what we show you on the performance for properties, we have to make that come true in real life by providing actual inventory that you can buy as investment property. And let me tell you, that is not an easy task. So that’s a big differentiator. And so, Brittany, you can tell us how you can win, but also the common question among so many of our listeners. So you know, about three dozen people out there have already signed up for the tour. What if you know, the question is going to be, can I enter and can I potentially win the contest? Even if I already bought tickets for the tour?

Brittney 5:49
Sure. That’s a great question. So how you enter is first of all, I want to say this go to Jason slash contest. And you can enter there. Yes. If you have already registered for the tour and you end up winning Of course, we will refund your tickets. And if you’re the grand prize winner, then we’ll refund your tickets plus you get that all expenses paid travel allowance as well.

Brittney 6:14

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okay, there’s a short there’s three different ways that you can enter. And of course, you can just do one or you can do all three that if you do all three, it betters your chances to win. And Jason, should we say you have to do all three to win the grand prize? Um, well, we should say that stipulation. I don’t, I think it’s just it’s a point system, right? So they get more points if they do more things. And if someone wants to win the grand prize, and they did all those things, then you know, you’re not gonna win the grand prize because you didn’t get as many points. Right.

Brittney 6:48
All right, Jason’s making it easy on you. Because many of us Yeah, sure. Yes. Like Jason saying it explains when you see the contest and enter at Jason slash contest. There’s three different ways to gain points you follow at Jason Hartman ROI on Twitter, you give a tweet about the contest or about Jason Hartman. And then you give us a review and subscribe to the creating wealth podcast on iTunes. Brittany, I gotta tell you,

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I’m getting so proud of myself. I’m actually using Twitter for the first time in years. Yeah, you know, I sometimes folks, I’m a little late to the party. And this is one of those times you set up a Twitter account many years ago, Brittany, I’m gonna say you did that and maybe 2009 or something. And I just never really was to engage with Twitter. I never wrap my head around how it works. And I’m starting to come around. I don’t quite totally get it yet. But I’ve been I’ve been really sending some of my own tweets, you know, and it’s kind of nice. And I’ve got a I’ve got to do some tweets about the the trip. You know, Twitter is a pretty powerful thing. And I gotta tell you, the only social media program I’ve really ever related to so far is Facebook. Some people are now calling it fake book. I’m really, I’m shame on fake fake book. They’re suppressing the news. And I just recently read an article about how it’s really time to start worrying about Facebook because they’ve got a political agenda. And they’re influencing the election. And they’re influencing votes. And they’re, they’re only showing the news they want you to see. You know, I hope you know, this scandal broke last week about a Facebook employee who said that they were regularly told to suppress certain news, especially conservative political news, in the news feeds and promote news that makes the right the political right look bad. This is just disgusting. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you’re on. I think it was Voltaire who had this great quote, he said, I may disagree with what you say. But I will defend fervently you’re right to say it and you know, I tell you something No matter what side of the aisle you’re on politically or in any issue, it doesn’t matter. I mean, a lot of issues are certainly political. But on any issue, you had better be for free speech. Because if you are not, the next time it comes around, it could be your speech that’s getting suppressed. So you better just buy into the idea of this with all of its good and bad. I think it’s just super important. Now, I get the sense that we’re going off on a tangent.

Brittney 9:31
I do that is very unfortunate, like any mainstream media, you know, it’s it’s getting manipulated, and that’s that sad, I agree. But back to the contest, and I did want to mention one thing about Twitter as well and the way that they can utilize it being the listeners is just talking to you directly. Jason, as you’re on these trips, and you’re making these tweets. You know, this is in real time you tweet that message and it will come right away. And you can see where Jason is. make recommendations for him to either stop in eat at a cool restaurant, which I know he would love and appreciate or a cool coffee shop. Or, you know, Hey, I know this provider in the area that has great income properties, will you check them out for me? You know, those things Jason could just jump on he’s, you know, pretty good at planning ahead, but also being spontaneous all at the same time. So please reach out to him if you have any questions. Of course, the The great thing about Twitter’s are short, sweet and to the point, right, so Jason can reply right there or he can answer those on the podcast.

Jason Hartman 10:34
Absolutely. And, you know, Brittany, that leads really to the next thing now that you know, I’ve just Fakebook. Okay. And some people are calling a Mark Zuckerberg. I’m sure you’ve heard that, you know, take the Zuckerberg and put an F in front of it. It’s a whole different word. But yeah, I just think that’s really disgusting. So hopefully we won’t have to worry about that. But let me let’s talk a little bit about my travels. Because I have been traveling for almost two weeks now I’m now in South Beach, Miami, Florida area. And this trip started with me landing almost a week and a half ago really, or Yeah, a little over a week and a half ago, I guess, in Jacksonville, Florida, going on a little VIP mini property tour for a few of our venture Alliance members. And then we we did a little caravan up to Jekyll Island, Georgia, of course the birthplace of the Federal Reserve. And we stayed at the exact same hotel resort that the creators of the Federal Reserve state at it’s called the Jekyll Island club, and our hotel and club and it was What a gorgeous place, Jekyll Island union. You know, you can see why the ultra rich who aimed to control the world and then that did end up controlling the world through the Federal Reserve and through the central banking cartel. You can see why they would choose Jekyll Island. I mean, it was just It was just gorgeous. Okay. And the hotel where we stayed, you know, it’s certainly old. I mean, the Federal Reserve was created over 100 years ago and, and it was there back then. And it’s funny, because when we started our meeting on Saturday morning, we had our meeting in what is called the Federal Reserve room. Literally, on the door, there’s a brass plaque that says Federal Reserve room and outside it said venture Alliance meeting in the Federal Reserve room and take a picture that oh, I knew you’d say,

Brittney 12:33

Jason Hartman 12:34
I think maybe one of our one of our venture Alliance members took that picture I sure hope they did. Why did not take that picture, unfortunately. But I mean, it was just really, really funny being there. And of course, they don’t hide the history of it. Because one they have all these great old pictures on the wall. They have the big picture above the fireplace in the room had a I think it had a fireplace. Yeah, yeah. See? Observing I can be, I could not be a detective, I’d miss a lot of things. There was a big picture there that was there. I think it was above a fireplace, if I’m not mistaken. It had pictures of all the men who met there, okay. And it had a little biography of them. But then one of the other pictures on the other wall had a picture of the resort. And it had a picture of the building, either under construction or after it was just built, you know, these are all black and white pictures, of course. And it said that the original cost of the building was $45,000. And so, our venture Alliance members and all of you podcast listeners as well being so attuned to this kind of stuff, I mean, I thought I was going to be the Brainiac of the group and just pull out my inflation calculator and adjust that for inflation to you know, the current day and see what it would cost today. Right. And someone already did it. I just thought that was so funny, how attuned we are to understanding Really the greatest scam ever perpetrated on humanity, which is central banking and monetary policy and, and the way you know what, why in the world should the value of our savings, our stocks, our bonds, our equity and real estate and thankfully, in a way, our debt be controlled by some small pseudo governmental private corporation called the Federal Reserve. And whether it be the European Central Bank, or all any central bank around the world for any country, they control the wealth of the population. That that’s just crazy that that should be that way. But that’s the way it is. And so it was a fascinating trip. I mean, it was really fascinating and what just it was just gorgeous. We took a ride and a horse drawn carriage and in one of our members, Mike, he’s a Russian guy who’s in the hard money lending business and He brought along this bottle of Beluga vodka and the bottle is gorgeous in and of itself and, you know came in this blender case a

Brittney 15:08
picture that Oh, yeah, yeah, I took a picture of priorities right some pictures. Yeah.

Jason Hartman 15:13
And so we’re drinking vodka is we’re being pulled by a horse drawn carriage and talking and we’re, you know, the guide is touring us around Jekyll Island and showing us well this is where that happened and this is and and either I or one of the other members Chris and his dad Don stayed it literally Elizabeth, who’s one of our members figured this out. We actually stayed in JP Morgan’s condo. We like slept in the same exact room. Okay, one of one of our rooms was probably his condo from what she could tell. It’s just fascinating. I mean that that was were such an incredibly powerful entity was created. And of course, you all listen to all of you regular listeners, listen to G. Edward Griffin talking about On the show and he of course wrote the great book The creature from Jekyll Island So, so that was absolutely fascinating It was a lot of fun and then we met we met on Sunday again you know we have meetings both days and then one of the my favorite times that was Sunday afternoon when Neil and Elizabeth pulled up some Adirondack chairs under this big beautiful tree and we just all sat there not all of us were still there a couple of people left to catch flights and stuff but it was awesome just sitting there under this tree talking we were doing some hot seats and talking about stuff and and of course you know we were drinking beer and it was we’re just having a great time it was so so relaxing I I rarely do that in my life. I don’t know you know hopefully you do it well as a new mom you probably don’t do that too much but not

Brittney 16:47
too much in the expecting part probably limits limits the drinking as well.

Jason Hartman 16:51
Yes. Well that did it hopefully you’re not either and I know you haven’t given up smoking. Gosh, yeah, of course. Yeah. You know, you know what I realized, by the way, I got a comment. So I’m here in South Beach, Florida. And I’ve been here many times. And I just realized every time I come here, how much I sort of don’t like this place. It’s First of all, it’s massively expensive South Beach. And of course, we got to talk about the rest of my tour through Florida and the income properties and so forth. But South Beach, must think it’s New York City somehow, because the prices are exorbitant here, you know, the food and drink and hotels. It’s just very expensive here, and I’m here for a conference. I’m going to be speaking twice at this conference that starts tomorrow. And it’s a conference about single family home investing. I’m speaking on property management. And then I’m also speaking on demographics. One of my favorite topics. Of course, I’m joking. You don’t smoke, obviously, but smoking, what a terrible habit. And so many people here smoke and they just drink all the time. And I’ve just come to realize that, like, if there’s one difference between success and failure in life, it’s being able to control one’s urges. You know, it seems like there are times that I get really stressed out and I have huge problems, you know, if you, if you think having money eliminates your problems, no, it just adds zero to them, okay? They just get bigger as all okay? But in perspective, still better to have money than not, I’m sure a cigarette would make me feel better at times of stress, but God I’m not gonna I wouldn’t make you smell better. I wouldn’t make it smell better, that’s for sure. But God, I’m not gonna do that. Right. And, and it just seems like you know, people that have trouble in life that don’t get very far they just don’t control these, you know, this, this like need for instant gratification. And when it comes to investing, like think of the concept of investing in real estate or whatever the whole concept is that you Save and form capital, you delay gratification. You don’t get everything you want today, you don’t buy that cool new smartphone, you don’t buy that cool new big TV, don’t go on that vacation, maybe don’t drink so much. You get to bed earlier, you wake up earlier because of course I think that old saying is pretty true Early to bed early to rise makes a person Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. And you do the concept is you delay gratification, and you form capital you save for your future. And, you know, that’s what successful people do. I mean, you could argue that they’re, they’re more intelligent. I don’t know, I see a lot of successful people that don’t seem very smart to me, but they’re smart, in least in one way in and you know, maybe this is a legitimate form of intelligence, being able to see the future, right, and being able to plan for the future today and being willing delay gratification for a better future. And if there’s one key, that’s it, you know, like in anything in life, right? whether whether it be health and fitness or investing, or anything, right learning, you’ve got to delay gratification to maybe be in a classroom or be listening to a podcast like this when everybody’s out there playing. Any thoughts on that?

Brittney 20:25
I think the delay gratification just sums it up really well. I mean, because right when you started talking about smoking, My mind went there as far as it’s also just so expensive. You know, think about depending on how many years you’ve been smoking, add that all up Plus, you know, if you like coffee on top of that, if you have excessive drinking, or, you know, I’m not saying you can’t have a drink here and there, you know, have one with dinner with friends, but just start adding that up. And you take that and a few other you know, things here and there and you got an income property. Yeah. And so it’s Really that you know, especially several years ago, but you know, now you might need a little bit more, but it’s still there and the the dollars add up,

Jason Hartman 21:07
be willing to delay gratification for a bigger future that is the, whether it be at the national level or the personal level or the the corporate or business level. That’s, that’s what it’s about folks. You know, that’s what it’s about. It really is at the core of it. Hey, let’s talk a little bit about the trip and some of the different properties I saw and stuff like that, because I didn’t do all that great stuff you’re suggesting I do on Twitter now that I actually use Twitter. And I’m, I’m kind of upset with Facebook, as you can tell. Everybody go out and call it fake book. Okay.

Brittney 21:43
Hashtag hashtag fake book. Oh,

Jason Hartman 21:45
hey, I did a hashtag on Twitter and I hope I started a new one. Shame on Facebook. There you go. Hashtag shame on Facebook. I think I started that one, because I looked it up first. And it didn’t seem like it was out there. So if I’m doing it right, but again, I’m new at Twitter. So, yeah, yeah.

Brittney 22:02
Well, so Jason, tell us a little bit about where you’ve been. What markets? I mean, are there any potential markets for income properties? And tell us about it?

Jason Hartman 22:11
Yeah. So first of all, food is a tricky market. Of course. It’s a huge state. It’s like saying California, right. It’s a big place. So there are a lot of different markets. And as we’ve talked about on prior shows, there are there’s no such thing as a national housing market. There are about 400 local markets or metropolitan areas, right MSA is metropolitan statistical areas, but within every MSA is a whole bunch of sub markets within those and so you’ve got to be very micro focused on this stuff. And you’ve got to understand that all real estate is local. All real estate is local, of course, I basically after Jekyll Island, I drove back down to Jacksonville, then down that coast. area a bit on the eastern coast. Okay. And then went through well looked at some stuff in Daytona Beach area, didn’t really find anything there. Now we have done business in deltona. Okay which is different, okay, which I didn’t know that right away when we started doing business there. And I thought Daytona Beach that’s famous. And I guess Daytona Beach is trying to claim that they are the most famous beach in the world. There’s a huge sign out there that says that so it must be true. And of course, that’s a big Spring Break destination and so forth. And then went through Orlando, of course, you know, we’ve done quite a bit of business in Orlando over the years and we had a we had a property tour there somewhat recently. Then went over to Tampa, St. Pete area, and I looked at two markets there. Of course, I looked at Tampa thinking again how much I really like that city. And again, My mind went to Should I move to Tampa because my ultimate goal at some point in my Life is to live in a no income tax state. You can’t get out of paying the federal tax. But if you live in places like Washington State, like our venture Alliance members, Neil and Elizabeth do, or if you live in Nevada, or if you live in Texas, or Florida, or Tennessee, you know, any of these no income tax states, there are several of them. You know that that’s a huge difference. When I moved from the Socialist Republic of California to Arizona. My taxes instantly went down by over 60% on the state level, so that was fantastic. But Arizona still has tax now I’m even thinking, gosh, if I could, if I could avoid a state tax, that would be awesome. So I really like Tampa. It’s too expensive in the core to actually have working investment properties but it you know, it’s great place to live. I looked at it, you know, selfishly on this tour, right. I did look at some homes that I’d consider buying myself right. And there was some great stuff, but first, we looked south of Tampa In some of the markets down there, and we met with a new potential provider, a wall street guy, who basically just left Wall Street and decided he was going to get into the real estate game where he was just fed up with the cookery and Wall Street and, and all of that stuff, but he is working with some institutional money to buy properties. So we looked at some of his inventory, and I can’t say it was like, you know, a home run, okay, but not bad, not bad. There’s some possibilities there, we’re going to look at more inventory, you know, on on these trips, sometimes they don’t have the exact stuff we really need to see. So we’ll see maybe four or five properties and then we’ll just look at some neighborhoods, and some of the neighborhoods that we went through to get to another neighborhood, we’re pretty rough, frankly. But when you get to the, you know, through to the part where we were thinking of investing, sometimes they got pretty good. So that’s just something to to keep an eye on. And then we did the opposite thing. We drove over an hour, all the way through. And when I say we, my mom was with me and of course Coco was with me. So we drove up to the north side of Tampa to Port Richey, and one of our venture Alliance members, Gary asked me to check out that area and he’s been investing with us for several years. Hi, Gary. So he asked me to check that one out. And we did. We went up there and took a look. And wow, I didn’t think the area was real great or anything, but according to our provider there, he says that they’re opening a new Amazon distribution center. And and by the way, shame on Amazon too. Okay. Do you know that Jeff Bezos hired like 20 reporters to go and like defame Trump, and listen, I don’t even like Trump. I think he’s weird. Okay. But I mean, that’s just wrong. Like this is like predatory journalism. Anyway. Okay, another tangent a risk there. So I’m gonna shut up now. And, and we looked at this market, and there’s a new Six Flags amusement park, going And not too far from there. And so that’s going to stimulate the economy a lot. And kiss houses are clean. And there and I took some videos, a little two, three minute videos of the houses, and we’ll probably get those posted on our YouTube channel. As I know, you’re going to say we better do that, right? Brittany, I know you’re gonna, you’re going to say if you’re going to insist on that, but they were inexpensive, like for $79,900 in a in a decent working class neighborhood. You can get a good rental property there that he said projected rent would be about 850 for that. And for $99,000 you can do much better. I mean, it was amazing how much that $20,000 improve the neighborhood in the house itself. So I was pretty impressed with that. I’d say that was probably the best thing I found on this trip. Then I spent a little more time in Tampa and just kind of hung out, looked at some stuff, looked at some different neighborhoods there and so forth. And that was another one of my real estate friends and he started sending me some inventory in Tampa and a little bit too expensive to make the numbers work, but we’ll keep looking there. If we could do the greater Tampa area, that would be phenomenal. I’d love to do that market. I’ve always liked that city a lot. And then I drove across the famous alligator alley, they call it and I drove basically across the state and drove into Miami and now I’m here. Did you see any alligators? You know, I did not. But I heard when I was driving across there because, you know, I’m kind of worried. I’ve got Coco with me. I can’t let her out. You know, what if she gets eaten by an alligator or something? It’s very hard to walk that dog in Florida. You know why? Why? There’s so much life here. She’s always hunting.

Brittney 28:45
I mean, the bug is two year old.

Jason Hartman 28:47
Yeah, exactly. The bugs are big enough to hunt here. Okay. And there’s a lizards and squirrels and Oh boy, well, plus

Brittney 28:55
Jason. You had to actually drive your car so you were probably preoccupied with that. Not being able to look out for the alligators, right?

Jason Hartman 29:03
Yeah, I didn’t have the self driving Tesla with me, unfortunately. But yeah, so no, but but I asked the guy at the hotel before I left to drive across alligator alley, I said, Why do you call it that? Are there just alligators? And he says, Yeah, sometimes they’re right in the street, you have to stop and go around them. And he says he’s seen that twice himself. So I didn’t see any but could have. And then I’m doing two speaking engagements at this event here in South Beach, Florida. One is on property management, and the other is on demographics. And we are going to make my slides available to the listeners, right. Yes. And we can just use the old URL that we did before and I could give it out now, although they will the old slides from the last conference I spoke at are there and you can get them at Jason Hartman comm slash I am n Jason slash Im n and we will put the new slide They’re probably on Wednesday after my talk. Okay. How’s that sound listeners? Good, Brittany good without

Brittney 30:07
Mm hmm. As long as we don’t want to keep those, you know, still available, and then we’ll use a different URL. They got the old ones already.

Jason Hartman 30:15
Okay? So they don’t need those old ones. But if you want the old ones, then go right now to Jason slash Iron Men on Monday or Tuesday and get them and then we won’t have the new ones up there till probably Wednesday. Brittany, is there anything else we should talk about? before we adjourn?

Brittney 30:33
Well, you really covered Florida, I have the map up in front of me, I kind of want to do a visual for our listeners, and maybe send out an email as far as all the places you went to and just kind of recap what we just did. So look for that in your email box soon. And if you’re not on our email list, make sure you go and opt in at Jason And then we’ll recap that for you guys too. And send it out

Jason Hartman 30:55
and be sure to join our email list. You know, we really don’t ever push this too much, but But you really should, because we have promised ourselves we’re going to get better at emailing stuff. And we’ll have various contests and promotions and good stuff. And we’re going to start reinvigorating our old frugal Friday. Are we Britney? Are we going to do that? We are, we are okay.

Brittney 31:19
And it’s not every Friday, then it’ll definitely be more on a regular basis. But yes, you know, we have a lot of good products to offer. And we want to make sure that it’s enticing and you know, there’s some things that will make people want to buy because it’s a lot of great content that you guys really should get your hands on.

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Yeah, good stuff. And, you know, I should also mention since we’re talking about products, the sale at Hartman education comm that’s Hartman education calm is wrapping up here and I believe that’s going to end on like Wednesday. So you’ll want to go check that out. You can buy that bundle and a good bargain price. bundle of our online products are two of our meet the Masters courses. One of our Jq live courses on there. So lots of good education there. Hartman education comm You know, there’s free stuff up there as well. So check that out. And be sure you subscribe to the show. We also appreciate so much your writing review for the show. So thank you for doing that. And be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes. And also thank you for telling your friends about it. We will keep them coming as we approach Episode 700 in the not too distant future. I can’t believe it. But you know, in not too long, we’ll be at Episode 1700 so I can hardly wait.

Brittney 32:34
You know, I think I came on board Jason in Episode 67. Really? You remember that? Oh, wow.

Jason Hartman 32:40
That’s the first one I remember. So it may have been a couple before that. But yes, it was right around that timeframe. And wow, it’s been you’ve been busy folks. All listeners can chart their life based on our episode numbers. Forget about date and you’re just go episode number yet I was I was having my kid and episode number 692.

Brittney 33:07
Where are you going to be at mid September? Should we predict?

Jason Hartman 33:09
Well, that’s gonna be it too. But yeah, maybe well, that’s a good idea. All right. Hey, folks, thank you for listening, go check out the properties at Jason Hartman calm in the property section. inventory is scarce, it is going fast. One of our venture Alliance members was rather upset that he lost a property he wanted. So we’re sorry about that. That’s just the way the market is. Remember, real estate has it just has built in scarcity. But keep the faith because there’s just nothing better out there. It’s the most historically proven asset class in world history. We will keep good inventory coming and you know, on this britany I’ll tell you something, people always ask about inventory. There’s just not enough to choose from, when are you gonna open this market or that market and I tell you, it would be really easy to create tunnels. have new inventory of properties on the Jason Hartman comm website if we weren’t picky,

Brittney 34:06
yeah, that’s what I was gonna say, then we could have more, but the quantity is going to go down or the quality excuse me is going to go down.

Jason Hartman 34:12
Yeah, the quantity quality would go down. And look, folks. I mean, we’ve been doing this a long time. You only get one reputation in life. And we just don’t we could make a lot more money if we peddled crap, like some of our competitors do, okay? But we’re not going to peddle junk properties. We want to really try and get good quality inventory for our clients, for our investors. And we will continue to do that even if it means not having as much inventory because what we do have, we want it to be of better quality. So thank you all so much for listening. Brittany, thank you for joining me.

Brittney 34:49
Glad to be here.

Jason Hartman 34:50
Thanks. And happy investing everyone. We’ll see you on Wednesday for the next episode.

Announcer 34:55
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