Jason uses this 1001st episode to thank his listeners and clients. He goes through listeners’ journeys in real estate. We hear struggles and also successes in their real estate investing. Clients also give us insight into their experience working with Jason’s network.

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Welcome to the creating wealth show with Jason Hartman. You’re about to learn a new slant on investing some exciting techniques and fresh new approaches to the world’s most historically proven asset class that will enable you to create more wealth and freedom than you ever thought possible. Jason is a genuine self made multi millionaire who’s actually been there and done it. He’s a successful investor, lender, developer and entrepreneur who’s owned properties in 11 states had hundreds of tenants and been involved in thousands of real estate transactions. This program will help you follow in Jason’s footsteps on the road to your financial independence day. You really can do it on now. here’s your host, Jason Hartman with the complete solution for real estate investors.

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It’s my pleasure to welcome Dr. Ron Paul to the show my pleasure to welcome bill whittle to the show. It’s my great pleasure to welcome Brian Tracy. It’s my pleasure to welcome Amity slays. to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome Cliff ravenscraft to the show. My pleasure welcome Chris Mayer back to the show. My pleasure. Welcome, Craig AR Smith to the show. My pleasure. welcome Senator Byron Dorgan to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome back a great guests. We had him on the show a while ago, and it’s Mr. Dan Millman. It is my great pleasure to have Dr. Denis waitley. On the show with us today. My pleasure to welcome a returning guest back to the show. It is Mr. Doug Casey’s My pleasure, welcome, Eve right to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome Frank McKinney to the show my pleasure to welcome Dr. Gary Chapman to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome Doug Conant to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome a returning guest and that is Mr. George Gilder. My pleasure. Welcome, great panelists to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome Jim Rogers my pleasure to welcome john gray to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome john Lawrence Alan to the show my pleasure to welcome john Lee Dumas to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome john Malden to the show my pleasure to welcome john McAfee to the show. My pleasure to welcome Jonathan bender to the show. My pleasure to welcome Dr. Kelly McGonigal to the show. My pleasure welcome Matthew hooked The show pleasure to welcome Melissa Francis to the show. My pleasure. Welcome Kevin Armstrong to the show. My pleasure to welcome Meredith Whitney to the show. My pleasure. Welcome, Nick Bilton to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome pat buchanan to the show. My pleasure. Welcome Patrick Byrne to the show. My pleasure to introduce it No, take it. It’s my pleasure to welcome Noam Chomsky to the show my pleasure to welcome Peter seller to the show. My pleasure to welcome rich Carl guard to the show. My pleasure to welcome Robert Kiyosaki back to the show. My pleasure welcome Steven Kotler to the show. My pleasure to welcome t harv eker. To the show I pleasure to welcome congressman Todd Akin to the show. It’s my pleasure to welcome Vitaly Katz Nelson to the show you’re welcome Zack Bissonnette to the show. My pleasure. Welcome Ray Boris to the show. Welcome Pope Ronson to the show. My pleasure to welcome Robert Greene to the show. My pleasure to welcome a name that you are all very familiar with. And it is Mr. Steve for my pleasure to welcome Tom Kramer to the show. My pleasure to welcome back a returning guest and that is Danielle DiMartino. Booth. It’s my pleasure to welcome john burns back to the show. My pleasure. Welcome an old friend of mine and that is Mr. Jeff Meyers. My pleasure to welcome back a returning guest and that is my friend Ken McElroy. It’s my pleasure to welcome back a returning guests. That’s Dr. Lawrence Cutler pleasure to welcome a longtime returning guests back to the show. That is Mr. Harry dent

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Welcome to the creating wealth Show Episode 1001. Yes, 1001 We made it. We had Episode 1000 with Colby Kelly on Monday. And by the way, listeners, thank you for all of the kind emails and voxer messages and web form entries to our website and all of the comments congratulating us on episode 1000. We really appreciate that and I absolutely love doing this and we will keep it coming. We will keep all the great content coming for you until we get to Episode 2003 thousand and onward and upward to infinity and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear would say. So today, we are going to give you a reader’s digest, not a but many Reader’s Digest client can studies? Yes, you’ve heard us do many client case studies over the years. Well, what we did is we just pulled out a few comments from several of them, not all of them by any means. And if we weren’t able to squeeze yours in time permitting here, please forgive us. We had you on the show before and we’ll get you back in the future, I’m sure. And we so much appreciate learning from our listeners, our investors, our clients who share their experiences with all of you on the show. That’s really nice of you to do so. And if you haven’t done so yet, here is your invitation please. We’d love to have you on the show. Have you share your experiences, your best practices, your tips, your tools, your apps, your software that you like to use as a real estate investor, and a better informed investor of any kind. And someone who is going to beat the financial system scam? Yes, Wall Street, the modern version of it. Organized Crime, we do much better than that here is direct investors in the most historically proven asset class ever income property. So hey, today, we’ll do our kind of mini and our big variety of client case studies here in just a moment. I am in Fort Lauderdale today and on my way tomorrow to Philadelphia, I know I’m going to be seeing several of you in Philadelphia at our creating wealth seminar. So I’m looking forward to that. And then I’m staying back east in New York for the rest of the week. And we’ll be seeing all of you venture Alliance members and many guests. This is one of our biggest venture Alliance mastermind meeting so far in New York City on Memorial Day weekend. So I look forward to seeing you there. And next week, I think we’ll air this on Monday. I’ve got a really good guest coming up. I recorded this episode last week, and it was fascinating. You’re going to love it. And then of course, Friday, we’ve got our flashback Friday as well. So We are onward and upward episodes 1002 1003. And from there, Boy, that’s a lot of episodes. And again, thank you so much for all of the congratulations boxers, and email messages and so forth. I really appreciate it. It’s very nice of you. Let’s just hear a bunch of clips from various client case studies that we’ve done over the last 13 years on the show. And here they are.

Client 6:26
Thanks for your support. Jason, I appreciate yours and carry support in your home network. And it’s really been very beneficial to me and, and a whole lot of others. I encourage everyone to use your resources that you have, but thanks, thank you.

Client 6:38
Those who have understood that’s the paradigm has changed. And that perhaps we need to do something that’s counterintuitive. Like being in debt, which obviously we have all been told is a horrible thing. You know, maybe it’s those few early people who understand that and witness that. So perhaps the people who are more sensitive to risk or more risk averse, or I don’t know what the perfection is. But the canary in the coal mine, if you want, and, and this is perhaps what you are in like you have been. I am surprised, Jason right now that’s basically what we are saying is not yet more mainstream. I’m not saying that this should be, or that this should already be what everybody’s thinking that but that so few people are thinking that or at least that’s so few people are vocal about it. So perhaps it’s just a well kept secrets and those who know we don’t want to talk about it. But I’m very surprised because this is so much against the mainstream of what you’re reading in the paper.

Client 7:45
I first started reading the rich dad books, and that led me to looking at different motivational speakers and I’ve stumbled on Jason’s podcasts about seven years ago and then from then I was hooked in after listen to him, and I really Gotta sold on his philosophy on how he looks at the market and real estate in general and I wanted to jump in seven years ago but I decided to open up a few businesses that they went pretty well but you know, I live in New York so a lot of expenses over there. So those way not as according to plan so now I’ve saved my money up again and I’m here

Client 8:20
working with the local market specialists went really well feel like they was able to get the type of property that I wanted and and happy with with the price and the rehab job and the tenants have gone well,

Client 8:35
trying to sell a house in 2010 and I just got a little frustrated with the potential buyers I was meeting and so I decided just to turn it into a rental. I currently own five properties the one that I did originally live in I own three in in Little Rock as well as one in Mississippi. I am in those markets because I was super impressed with the turnkey operators that I met and super impressed with the renovations that they did the property The management that they had and basically it was one stop shopping and everything was in place when I basically I showed up with my money. I kept investing in real estate because I realized it was just an awesome way to build my wealth. Not a lot of effort on my part basically, once again, show up with the money and see my money make money for me. I found Jason through my friend Elizabeth and been super impressed love his passion, love his enthusiasm, and not to mention seems extremely knowledgeable.

Client 9:27
I always have had an interest in investing in general and educating myself about different types of investing. And I’ve always kind of come back to real estate in general because of all the things that we we discuss on your podcasts all the time. I read, you know, a lot of real estate books and I think a lot of people probably talk about that Rich Dad Poor Dad book which opened up some some new thoughts in my head, especially the actually the 1031 exchange they mentioned in that book. And my medical partner is the one that actually turned me on to you. network because he he had invested with you. And that’s how I came specifically to see your podcasts. I spent a lot of time educating myself before diving in. The method that I hadn’t started my investing with you was was through this 1031 exchange,

Client 10:16
I started investing in real estate to supplement our retirement for the cash flow process. I currently own 10 properties, and an additional 10 with my husband. So 20 total, we found the creating wealth show Jason Hartman, my husband going on the internet and looking around for something like this.

Client 10:39
Well, I’ve always wanted to real estate I just didn’t want to deal with tenants and all the phone calls so I just never got into it. Then when the market really went down in 2008. That’s when I started listening to radio and I heard you on radio. And Tesla decided to do it because I your method works with the world how to deal with tenants and issues that come up even though I do deal with it. It’s not the same.

Client 11:03
Just about mid 2011. I was I was leaving command I just taken over a position in a great job at the Naval Academy, a two year position there and had a lot more free time than I did on my submarine as you can imagine, and I was searching for a way to shift active income and passive You know, I’ve read Robert Kiyosaki books over the years I really just, I mean, they just spoke to me, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and most of the others, you know, he’s prophesy it all just made a lot of sense to me. So I was looking for, you know, following his model of shifting and to, you know, passive cash flow income, and I’m a mechanical engineer. And the thing that made most sense to me, you know, not buying the coin laundry machine, although i think that that facility may be a great idea too, but for me, it was about real estate and buildings. And so, I was looking into that you happen to have a great podcast and I started listening in the teens I think it was and I’ve certainly listened to all of them. And I just kept gotta become a junkie with that I you know, so forgot my first property in the end of 2011 and St. Louis, I bought a few more there. I’m up to eight. And my wife Susan is today. In fact, we’ll we’ll get her first three, and we’ll she’ll be at six by the end of this month. And hopefully if all goes well, we’ll have Susan topped out. And then we’ll go back and start focusing on Gary again.

Client 12:15
The reason I invest in real estate is because I was previously doing a 401k and put my money there. And doing other, you know, traditional retirement plans that just doesn’t work didn’t work for us for 1015 years that we were doing it and was looking for something different. So I was doing a lot of research and listened a lot of podcasts, and found real estate as being a much better avenue for creating wealth and creating cash flow. Our first investment property actually happened by accident because of not being able to sell a previously owned house that we had, and moving out of that area. So I mean, it turned out to be a really good thing for us. So after that, that made me really interested. The first intentional investment property that we purchased was in Florida. I found Crude oil show and Jason, by him being a guest on another podcast that I had been listening to. It was about creating passive income. And he was a guest on that show and as impressed with his his knowledge. So from there, I made my way to his podcast. Right now we have a total of 10 properties. We decided to go all in I mean, we’ve been doing 401k and other traditional retirement plans and investments that most people come from with with really terrible results for lots of years. So I was okay, so we actually liquidated, everything we had in our 401k is paid the penalty on all of that, and are doing much much better with real estate and very happy about it. But I think it just comes down to being comfortable with the education. So I felt like we there’s plenty of information out there about real estate, there’s lots of people with great track records. And so I think if you follow a path of success, that it’s a lot easier to replicate and duplicate. So

Client 13:52
I felt like I was following other people’s paths of success, so I felt comfortable.

Client 13:57
I started researching on real estate investing About three or four years ago, two years ago, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the podcast when I was doing a search. I listened to you for probably three or four months, but I was hooked after the first episode, just everything from the real estate information, politics, the philosophies, the economics in about three or four months, I decided, you know, I’m going to put my information in and see what Platinum comes back with. So I plugged my information in on the website. Oliver contacted me a couple of days later. And by the way, he has been a tremendous resource for me, just pointing me in the right direction, especially as somebody with no prior experience to real estate investing, but he definitely pointed me in the right direction, helped to educate me and help to show me different sources of information where I can better myself as a real estate investor. One thing that happens when you don’t have a real estate background and you instantly buy, you know, very expensive portfolio of real estate real estate don’t know anything about this field you have to learn. So I didn’t really have friends in the real estate field. So I was looking for resources. And podcasts was really something that I could do on my own schedule and get information about the real estate market without having to know any individuals or pay for classwork or anything like that. Just really convenient. Since we bought this portfolio, I started listening to your podcast in 2009. And we were sold on the idea we really liked the idea of turnkey single family, especially as a way to grow our portfolio as time went on. And so in 2012, we bought our first property in Memphis, for your group. Now Kelly was not as excited as I was at the time about it, so I had to convince her so I had to invest with my own money. So I actually use my IRA and purchased a single family home in my IRA, and it’s worked out great.

Client 15:57
I’ve been investment for about two years. I have six investment properties. One in Kansas City. Three Memphis and Trinidad, Iran. Oh, I started to invest because I listened to Jason’s podcasts. I said, it makes sense to me. So I make a very quick decision. I think maybe in one month I decided I attended the meeting masters event, back to sans six thing. And then I start to buy property systems. Before that, I’m trying to do some study on stocks. But that makes sense to me. So I hold a lot of cash I didn’t deploy to the stock market. So finally, I get to the teachers podcast, everything he said, makes sense to me and I have a lot of agreement with he his opinion. So I decided to kick came to the event in the masters and then I decided to make the investment. I think the first thing is real, you have a real good return. It’s not a scam. But if it’s true, be careful. What I recommend is join a network like Jason’s network and get some education and then start to buy the properties. Don’t wait too long.

Client 17:21
The markets we’re buying in a robust market there the population is stable and growing and the values are stable and growing. It’s not like we’re just buying residential anywhere. We’re buying in good markets.

Client 17:34
What I’ve learned is you like to mention be area agnostic is one of your commandments in that I love that. I like to look at this is also be when it comes to real estate investing, be age agnostic, who cares what age you are, you can start doing this in 19 like you did, you could start doing this in 20s you can start doing in your 50s I started my 50s

Client 17:56
so I got in interested in real estate investing You know, I’m actually my backgrounds in finance and I. So I have a pretty strong background, but more so in what’s been traditional investing. And it’s funny that we’ve been touting diversification for so long and it’s been like that mix of stocks and bonds. And I really felt like after all this time preaching to others that you know, this should work for them. It wasn’t even working for myself and thought that I really need to venture out and, you know, real estate investing just it, it definitely interested me. It wasn’t something that I struggle with, but it was, you know, something that I don’t know I got excited about right away, it made sense to me. And so it’s more so of creating that team and you know, knowing how to go about it. That was my biggest challenge and figuring out because with traditional investing, you can figure out an ETF or a mutual fund, you do online research. This took a lot more effort. I know that I can’t do it solo, I need to come up with a good team and a good approach. So I found Jason I was listening to not his podcast, but one that he spoke on. And it was just at that time it was just trying to learn. I’m like, well, you sounded pretty smart. So I’m going to listen to his podcasts. So, you know, I actually listened to his podcast well over a year. And then I would say, you know, I don’t know it was more so just thinking, I don’t know. It just seemed like it was interesting, not necessarily something that would be right for me. And then all of a sudden, everything clicked and it was right for me to take the steps and really figure out what Jason is all about and, and the more of the program and to see if it worked for me.

Client 19:44
I started listening to the podcast did that you know, for probably a couple years before I connected with your investment counselor, Sarah, she did a great job of kind of holding my hand through the process is probably one of the the more needy clients she worked with, but ended up buying my first property in 2011 in Atlanta, and then waited a couple a few more years until my next one, but 2014 purchased in Memphis. And so that’s where I am at this point.

Client 20:13
I’ve been following Jason’s company ever since 2007. I went through a seminar in his Newport Beach office by fashion Island. And I’ve been listening to his all his podcasts since then. Always wanted to buy some more. But a couple years ago, we went on the property tour in Cincinnati. And it was great. We love Missy and her team. And we actually sold our Texas property and did a 1031 exchange with to admit these properties in Hamilton, Ohio, and it was and they’ve been working out great for us ever since. And this just in 2017. Yeah, last year. We sold our home in Chino Hills that we lived in for 25 years raised Her family and all that. And we’re taking all our proceeds and going all in and rental properties. And the funny thing is we’re kind of following Jason’s lesson to the tee. And it’s working out great for us, we’re not going to buy again, in California, we’re renting actually, in Newport Beach, California. I got into real estate investing, because I’ve been a student of the stock market for years and years, and it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me anymore. Besides what Jason says it just, it just seems like the guys at the top, make sure that they win and you don’t win, which, you know, it’s just I feel the same way even before Jason said that. And the fundamentals don’t seem to make sense to me. But there are fundamentals in real estate and income property investing that aren’t going to be able to be changed by high frequency investors or anything like that. It’s the fundamentals are there and they’re gonna stay there. I’m fine with income properties, you know, the slow and steady approach

Client 21:59
basically, found by creating wealth podcast by searching iTunes. And immediately I resonated with your message, you know, the great return on investment, significantly significant reduction in taxes, steady income that could eventually replace my corporate job income. Also, what I found very powerful is along with that message, I was impressed by the high caliber of your guests. And I remember listening to economist investors, lawyers, authors, basically people who could present their expertise and allow me to judge their response against your message. So as an example, when you talk about inflation, your your ideas about inflation going up over the next few years, I could vet that message against your guests and, and be sure that what you were saying made sense. So that was very powerful to me.

Client 22:52
If you’re that kind of person, and you’ve got the capital and you’re a great negotiator, you’ve got great people skills. You You could probably be a success. flipper, but it’s like a job. Right? If you’re not flipping, you’re not making money. And that’s why I prefer income property because you just make money every month.

Client 23:09
Well, I like real estate just because I like the benefit of being able to have a mortgage pay off real estate over time so that when I retire, I have something I like the fact that it’s boring. I want to be able to be entertained and travel and do a lot of things in my retirement. And that boring investment of real estate allows me to do that.

Client 23:34
Well, it was never our goal to be full time owners of shopping centers. It’s just an opportunity that was too good to say no to that we decided to take on. Really what we want to do is just have a nice life and not work too hard. And these particular shopping centers took a lot of effort to run. Part of the reason for that is they were in parts of town where it’s hard to hire professionals to come and do the management For us, and so we had to do our own property management. And so part of the reason that we’re selling the shopping centers and exchanging them for single family homes, is that we’ll be able to get property management with these portfolios and homes, so that we don’t have to do so much work ourselves.

Client 24:17
I think when you combine the concepts of this inventory shortage, the fact that there’s still a runway and the fact that you can’t use a standard tool to really figure out what the heck is the price of the value of houses and when it’s really good that you’ve got those investment counselors like can kind of help you navigate the waters because as much as we’d like to just automate everything it really does take knowledge experience and an overlapping of you know, some some helping hands if you will, to make sure that you’re investing in the right way

Client 24:48
from the initial market. Recommend buy from from yourself from the truth and if the prophecy right through to the leasing process with the property manager. Everyone has been just totally professional. In the communication is excellent, especially with being such a long distance away, communication has been fantastic. And even after leasing a property Platinum properties have kept in contact to check everything’s okay.

Client 25:12
The people that I’ve been introduced to from Sarah, the people in the markets, to the financing people, property managers and your local real estate experts, they’ve been just more than helpful. I mean, seriously, and that’s why I’m back for more, I’ll be buying more properties this month. And as you point out, it’s a little bit of work upfront, really the works up front and later on as with my other properties, it’s really not too bad. And the returns are just outstanding. The downside? It’s not that significant. Yeah. So I think it’s a just a wonderful program and doing a great service for people. So I would just like to add that

Client 25:47
my goal is maybe get into real estate also to help my friends do what I’ve been able to do before asking me about it. So and spend more time with my family and hopefully grandkids by gotten married three years now. So maybe in the near future, we’ll have record the ticker.

Client 26:03
2012 is when we did our first purchase. I think 2011 is when we started. You know, attending meetings, probably 2010 is when I started listening to podcasts. My husband was a little ahead of me. So he’s probably, you know, late 2009, early 2010. And you know, we’ve just obsessively listened to you. I think you’re on episode 300. At that

Client 26:26
time, though, I do very much credit you with getting me involved in real estate investing. I had tried to do a flip originally that went sideways. And I ended up having a condo that I had rented out after that after a bad flip. And I realized that being a landlord wasn’t all that tough. And eventually, I found you on the web. And that really got me into real estate investing.

Jason Hartman 26:50
So thank you for that.

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Thank you so much for listening. Please be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes. Be sure to check out the show’s specific website and our general website heart and Mediacom for appropriate disclaimers and Terms of Service. Remember that guest opinions are their own. And if you require specific legal or tax advice, or advice and any other specialized area, please consult an appropriate professional. And we also very much appreciate you reviewing the show. Please go to iTunes or Stitcher Radio or whatever platform you’re using and write a review for the show we would very much appreciate that. And be sure to make it official and subscribe so you do not miss any episodes. We look forward to seeing you on the next episode.

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