On this Flash Back Friday show originally published in June 2017 as episode 848, Jason is joined by Investment Counselor Carrie. They talk about the impact of rising interest rates on the US economy. Jason explains that the Fed doesn’t directly impact mortgage rates but does directly impact short-term rates leading to affect on all rates. He reminds us that having income properties during a high-interest rate environment will put upward pressure on rents.

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Welcome to another edition of the creating wealth Show episode number 848 848. This is your host, Jason Hartman, thank you so much for joining me today. As we talked to listeners from 164 countries worldwide. We so appreciate you listening and telling your friends and family and co workers and your enemies about the show because even your enemies need some help. In fact, there’s a great quote that just reminded me of by Winston Churchill, and I don’t remember the actual quote, isn’t that terrible? I come on with this quote that I just reminded myself of, and then I don’t remember the quote, but anyway, it’s about the importance Believe it or not, the importance of having enemies and it basically says something to the effect of, if you don’t have any enemies, you probably haven’t done anything in life. So you can always sort of keep score by how many people You’re upsetting and how many enemies you have. That is one metric. You don’t want to have too many of them, obviously. But a few are good. You know, it means you’re doing something. You’re making some waves creating some dust in the world. Hey, maybe that’s what we’ll do today. I don’t know. We’ve got a pretty likable person here on the show with me today. That is one of our investment counselors. It’s Carrie Welcome back. Carrie, how are you?

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Hey, thanks, Jason. Thanks for having me on.

Jason Hartman 2:35
It’s good to have you. Do you have any enemies?

Carrie 2:37
I’m sure.

Carrie 2:41
I keep them close.

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Yeah, you do you? Well, you know, that’s another quote Abraham Lincoln, I think said keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? Yeah. Yeah. Very interesting. You know, they say you can always judge a person by the company they keep well maybe you can judge them by the enemies. They have to either We’re off on a tangent already. And we haven’t even talked about real estate yet. We’re just talking about enemies. But yes, I think it’s good to have a few enemies kind of healthy long as they’re not severe enemies carry, what is going on in the marketplace, you are out there talking to clients every day. But you have an interesting role in our company that other investment counselors do not have kind of a dual role. And that is where you bring on our local market specialist. You onboard them, you screen them, and you are talking with tons of them out there. And you know, you got a difficult job, you’ve got a vet, not only the person or I should say the people in the company, but also the properties and all of this has to fall in line, really with with the marketplace too. So it’s really kind of three tiers that you have to vet. You have to vet the people the team we’re working with, you vet the market. Then you also vet the actual property inventory they have and can provide. So we are on the verge of announcing a couple of new markets, one of them that we did business in before and you know, we are area agnostic. So we move in and out of these markets over time. So look for those announcements soon. Oklahoma City is a pretty new market for us. And Carrie, you’ve been instrumental in helping us plan that Jay Chou Jason Hartman University live and property Tour event there. Are you excited about that one? How’s it coming together?

Carrie 4:31
Yeah, yeah, it should be. It’s really good one. It’s a we’re we have a lot of inventory there. We have their property management and their operations. They’re really on point. So it’ll be exciting to see their neighborhoods and the final touches to what they have out there.

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And our local market specialist there is actually a member of the venture Alliance. He’s in the venture Alliance. And you actually heard him talking on a prior podcast listeners where we played a Homemade recording. Maybe like the recordings Donald Trump is keeping secretly in the White House? I don’t know. It’s kind of like Richard Nixon, you know. And so you heard that from our venture Alliance meeting in Las Vegas, where he was talking about HR and how he manages his team and all that kind of stuff. That guy really is a good entrepreneur. He runs a good business. I’m pretty impressed. But you know, we’ll see it firsthand when we go out there. And we’ve got a lot of people registered. And Carrie, you said the magic words. I couldn’t believe you just said this. You said we have a lot of inventory. Are you kidding me? We actually have a lot of inventory somewhere. I like hearing that.

Carrie 5:37
Yeah, yes. Oklahoma City. They have a lot going on there right now as far as mostly new construction. But we do have some rehabbed turnkey properties as well. So it’ll be exciting to see and talk with other investors to see what they think of these properties and hear their stories comparing to other markets they’ve been in as well.

Jason Hartman 5:58
Yeah, absolutely. And you know, remember Number folks, if you’re the new construction inventory, of course, the overall return on investment, the crap rate, I mean cap rate, sorry, Freudian slip, non Freudian slip, slip, I call it the crap rate, because it’s really not a great metric. And, you know, but people in commercial real estate, they always want to talk about cap rates, but the the cap rate or the cap rate is lower on new construction properties, and so is the overall return on investment. But, you know, the idea is you’re buying a premium property or buying a property that’s just going to have fewer households, fewer maintenance issues, obviously, because it’s new, better tenant quality in general, you know, ideally, better appreciation as well. So all of that is a prediction. I can’t say for sure that it’s any of that will come true, but generally it does, okay. So, you you know, it depends what kind of investor you are, you know, if you like those C class type properties, then you know, they get the higher returns, but you tend to have a few more hassles and lower quality tenants versus the better quality tenants and the brand new home. So it just kind of depends, you know, it’s based on the investors temperament. But yeah, that that events coming together nicely and I’m really looking forward to it. Carrie we’re doing Jason Hartman University live at that one Jay Chou live. And that’s where we really go into the numbers and how to analyze a property. We’re going to do some panel discussions on this one, I volunteered some people they didn’t volunteer themselves, I volunteered them to be on the panel, some clients and some venture Alliance members and we’re going to take kind of a deep dive into some panel discussions there, which I think will be very enlightening and educational for the attendees. And so join us for that go to Jason Hartman, calm click on events and sign up for the Oklahoma City change you live and property tour. And that is in early July, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there. Well, not all of you because we wouldn’t have enough space for all of you. But many of you there and if you haven’t been to one of our events, I think this is especially important. Come like Kerry said coming meet our clients and meet our team, our providers and our team. That is just so important. You know, we are not a high tech company. And we are a high touch company. We are not a DIY, you know, do it yourself, real estate investor company, we are a done with you company. We do it with you and we really get involved and get in the trenches with our clients and help them make their real estate career real estate investment career real estate portfolio work for them and all of our clients. You’ve heard so many of them on the show over the years will attest to that. You know, this is really a done with you thing. So we want you to meet us, we want you to meet our clients. We want you to meet our team. I’m sure we’ll have many clients there that have purchased dozens of properties through us. You know, you can just hear first And in these casual conversations, the good, the bad and the ugly, you know, it’s it’s not all good. But it’s it’s just better than everything else. That’s all it is. Real estate investing. It’s, it’s not perfect by any means. So come to Oklahoma City will look forward to seeing you there. And Carrie, thank you for your help on that. I want to talk to you more carry about other markets and kind of what’s going on in the world of vetting properties and vetting local market specialist and so forth. But before we do that, you had some questions about interest rates, and, you know, kind of what that means for investors and, you know, to the economy in general. So, do you want to go into that first?

Carrie 9:36
Yeah, sure. So, one of the articles we recently came across was on the spike of interest rates, what do you see, as investors coming to me, you know, should they be worried about these interest rates? Should they hold off on buying or is it still a good time to go forward with financing their property?

Jason Hartman 9:54
Okay, so to answer that question, Carrie, first of all, I have to in the interest of full disclosure, I have disclose that I have been very right about very, very many predictions, but one that I have been fabulously wrong about is interest rates. You know, if you came to my seminar in 2004, okay 13 years ago, and then if you came in 2007. And then if you came in 2009. And then if you came again in 2011, I would have told you, interest rates are going up. And I have been fabulously wrong about this. Okay, so that’s the first thing I want to say. I admit when I’m wrong, okay. Interest rates, very hard to predict probably one of the best places to get interest rate predictions, and I want to get them on the show. And that is someone from grants, interest rate observer grants, interest rate observer, a high end newsletter that talks a lot about interest rates and so forth. But it’s clear to me and it should be to everybody that the Federal Reserve Far central bank believes that the economy is strong in it is in well into recovery. And they are raising rates. And you know, for the first time since 2008, we’ve really seen a real rate increase and we see an upward trend and interest rates. There’s no question about that right now. That that is the track that the track the Fed is on is to raise rates. At least one more time this year. They just did it once. Recently. And that was just what a week? I don’t know. I can’t keep track of time anymore. Just a week ago. Yeah, just like, well, 10 felt like five days. Yeah, it was last week. So clearly, they think the economy is strong, and they’re raising rates, they still have a target inflation rate that they want to get to have around 2%. You know, what does this mean for investors? Well, Carrie, as you know, we’ve talked a lot about the multiple dimensional nature of real estate investing. And we’ve talked a lot about the three dimensions of real estate. And so when rates go up, it means housing affordability declines, it means fewer people can buy fewer people can qualify. And so when that happens, there are millions and millions of people who are now renters. And the vast majority of them think I want to buy a home. I want to get that house with a, you know, metaphorical white picket fence. You know, have the American dream of homeownership, the vast majority of renters think that way? Yeah, I’m not like passing judgment on that. For most of them, it would be a good decision to buy a home. They are then priced out of the market. Of course, there’s been a lot of appreciation prices have gone up quite a bit in the last six, seven years, obviously. And, and then with interest rates going up. The Fed is kind of signaling that look, you know, the economy’s recovering. We’ve got to raise rates, and one of the reasons they have to do this Because the Fed has certain weapons that it can use to fix the economy when it gets into a recessionary time or a discretionary time. And one of those tools, one of those, you know, very powerful bullets in the gun, if you will, our interest rates, they can lower rates to stimulate the economy, and the problem they’ve been facing for many years. And the reason so many people thought, and you heard Harry dent talk about this years ago on my show, and many others, Peter Schiff, etc. These are the people that are almost always wrong, but they’re darn interesting to listen to.

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If they, you know, they have said, you know, maybe it will be like Japan, of a last what was originally the last decade and became the last two decades and now is moving into the last three decades in Japan, where, basically, there is no weapon to combat a battle. economy. And so if the economy tanks again, for whatever reason, the Fed needs to have rates be a little higher, so it can then lower them, you know, it’s all relative, right? And if the rates are it basically zero, there’s no you know, the Fed is shooting blanks, they have no weapon, they have no tool to stimulate the economy. So they’ve got to get rates back up, it is imperative that the Fed increase rates, and that we see those rates then play through the market. Now, it’s important also to understand that the Fed does not directly impact mortgage interest rates. They only do it indirectly, okay, but they definitely influence it. There’s no question, but they do directly impact short term interest rates. The Fed needs to raise rates, we need to see higher rates. It’s totally unfair to senior citizens that have saved money that just want to put their money in the bank and have a CD a certificate of deposit and last Those certificate of deposit. So they expire different times and, you know, retire off off their money, why should they have to be investing in risky stuff in, you know, stocks and they should be able to just coast at retirement age, but they can’t do it because the rates are so low, there’s no yield for them. So it’s very unfair to those people to have very low rates. And so there are many aspects. It is unhealthy to have really, really low interest rates rates need to go up, and the Fed realizes this, and so does the rest of the government. And if you ask me, that’s where we’re going. Okay, so what will that do to the market? Well, it’s, it’s going to make rents go up. It’s going to put upward pressure on rents. And it’s going to reduce the frothy bubble market that we’re in in the cyclical markets carry because in the cyclical markets, and you know, all of Canada fornia, the Pacific Northwest, South Florida, the expensive Northeastern markets, those markets are crazy, the prices are way too high. You know, clearly, they need to dampen that. and higher interest rates should do the trick. So it makes the market more healthy when interest rates are at a normal level. They’re way too low. It’s unhealthy to have really low rates for so many reasons. So, you know, you got to take away the punch bowl at some you know that the economy is getting too drunk off low interest rates. And he Carrie, there’s one more aspect that’s kind of interesting to you know, you’ve heard a lot and certainly you and I have talked about this about how the middle class is just being destroyed in America we used you know, what made America so great for so long as this big middle class and the middle class is is declining in numbers. It’s It’s a sad thing. I really don’t want to see it lower. Interest rates make the rich get a lot richer, they concentrate wealth, the rich get much richer in the low interest rate environment, because they take advantage of inflation induced debt destruction. And you know, the middle class might get a little bit of a benefit of this, but it’s nothing compared to the wealthy classes. So that’s another thing that higher interest rates will do is it will lessen the concentration of wealth now, people can argue that all day long, but that’s what I believe Anyway, you know, so. So Does that kind of make sense, though, on the interest rate thing? I mean, it’s, it’s good for rents, we’re gonna see higher rents higher interest rates mean higher rents?

Carrie 17:41
Yeah, no, that makes sense. That’s good. That’ll answer a lot of questions out there. So thank you. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 17:46
yeah. There’s another thing that’s important to know and it’s not directly about interest rates, but it’s about what the Federal Reserve did during the the Great Recession. They purchased bonds. like crazy, they were buying up bonds because they ran out of tools. They the interest rate tool was exploited, you know, they shot all the bullets, they lowered rates so much to stimulate the economy that the next thing they had to do is buy up bonds. And so when they bought up all these bonds and mortgage backed securities that are essentially act like a bond, okay? Basically what they what they did then is they increase the amount of lending, because every loan essentially converts to a bond. And so if there’s no investor to buy the bond, then the lenders ran out of money to loan right. So the Fed bought tons of bonds. And Janet Yellen made an interesting remark last week, she said, Now the Fed is trying to sell off the bonds, okay, and roll back this program. And she said, watching the Fed reduce their balance sheet of all these bonds would be as excited is watching paint dry? So that was that was kind of a funny remark. And she’s right. You know, it’s interesting. Yeah. So that that’ll be an interesting thing to see too. But the the weird thing is that you combine this with the stuff the Trump administration is doing, rolling back Dodd Frank and making lending easier and borrowing easier. You know, it’s, it’s pretty good time for real estate investors. I mean, I don’t know, you know, without trying to sound too much like some kind of Trump fan, which I’m not, at least not that much, although I think it’ll be good for the economy. You know, I think the glory days are here for a little while longer. I don’t I don’t see any big, big disaster happening unless there’s just something we don’t know that behind the scenes. So yeah. So Carrie, what else is going on in the marketplace, kind of share with our listeners a little bit the vibe of what local market specialists are saying to you, you know, the difficulty of getting inventory from them, etc, etc.

Carrie 20:08
Yeah. So as you mentioned, you know, I’m always working with new providers and our current ones, a local market specialist who bring on these properties for us. So the majority of it is, like you said, just finding the homes, finding what’s out there and making sure that it’s, you know, quality property for our investors. You know, I did have one of my investors went to one of our local market specialist the other week, and, you know, he asked him for properties and trying to work with him. And the local market specialist actually said, No, this property isn’t good enough to Jason’s standard, so I’m not even going to refer it to you, it’ll go to someone else. So that’s the kind of local market specialist we bring on to they know the standards. They know what’s out there and what you guys are looking for you And that’s kind of reassuring to that they have our backs as well as your backs in what they provided. So that said these properties, they’re just gone, you know, right. And when it gets listed, I mean, they’re almost gone within 24 hours if it’s a quality home. So that’s been a challenge is just to keep the properties on our site long enough for everyone to see them.

Jason Hartman 21:23
You know, Gary, just to comment on that. I remember when I was in traditional real estate, and the market was on fire, and houses were selling, you know, in a half an hour, basically, you know, you could sell a house in Irvine or newport beach where I, I worked, you know, million dollar house sold in 20 minutes, you know, it’s unbelievable, you know, ridiculous, basically a wading pool of buyers. And one of the things that people had to do back then is they would do all kinds of things they would like write a letter to the seller, including a picture of their cute family. And say, you know, basically begging them to sell the home to them, because they had multiple offers. And it was just, you know, I’ve been through that cycle like three times now. Okay, you know, in the traditional market and you know, now I’ve seen it a couple times in the investment side of the market that I’ve been doing for the past 14 years. And it’s one of the things people have to understand. And this is another important reason to come to Oklahoma City, to our property tour and Jay Chou event is that you need to form and I’m talking to you investors, you need to form a relationship with the people on our team. And I know this may sound ridiculous, you may think, hey, Jason Carey, I’ve got money, okay. I’m the customer sell me the house. Okay. Not so easy in this market. It’s not quite that way. Now, it’s almost to some extent, a privilege to get to buy the house. To get to spend your money, right? And I know that goes against a lot of people’s thinking they think, are you kidding me? No, I’m not kidding. Okay. Now you can buy crap houses all day long, and not have to do any of this stuff. But I’m telling you, it behooves you to get these local market specialist to know like and trust you, okay? They want to, you know, look at everything in life. We all know this is all about relationships. Okay? And this is one of the softer elements of investing. You’ve got it, obviously have a team and that, you know, come to the property tour and meet the team right in one of our markets and get them to know like and trust you get them to put a face to you see, it used to be we’d say, you know, we’d say this to our providers in 2009. Okay. There were all No buyers and lots of sellers, right? That was the opposite side of the equation, we would say, Come to our meet the Masters event so the clients can meet you. So they can know like and trust you. Now I’m saying this to the investors listening, I’m saying, Come to our event, so the seller can know like and trust you. It’s it’s flip flop, hasn’t it?

Carrie 24:23
It has, it has. It’s it’s amazing how much building a relationship will do and work can take you these days. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 24:31
yeah, absolutely. Very, very important. Okay, Carrie, go go ahead with what you were saying. I interrupted you with that comment, though. But

Carrie 24:38
that’s all right. What was I saying?

Jason Hartman 24:40
Well, you were just talking about, you know, getting the properties and then I went into the, you know, the traditional real estate that people that wrote a letter to the seller and put back for their family and all that stuff.

Carrie 24:51
So yeah, so I mean, we do have, you know, some of the hot markets right now with a lot of inventory and we’re still trying to reach out to those markets like Jason said, we have some new ones coming up. So, you know, when I go through these and I vet them out, I probably go through five different local market specialists a week that and they don’t come on board. And it’ll take them six months just to make sure their property management, their properties and their operations all work side by side with what we preach out there, too. So it takes a lot of effort. And that’s why, you know, there might not be as many properties available right now, too, because, you know, we’re picky in that area. But when they do come, they’re good properties, and it’s a solid team to back it up.

Jason Hartman 25:36
Yep, yep, absolutely. You know, you might think we’re just giving lip service to this folks, but we’re not, okay. We’re picky. If we wanted to sell junk, we could do that all day long. And, you know, everything in life boils down to weighing out the short term gain or the long term gain. And you know, it’s all it’s always this way, like, do you want to be instant gratification Do you want to sell a bunch of properties this month or this year? Or do you want to be able to keep selling properties for the next 10 or 20 years? And, you know, do you want to make some cash some quick cash? Or do you want to make a fortune? Well, you know, I believe in long term thinking, and I’m willing to delay gratification and, you know, have that long term foresight in the way I run the business and all of our people carry Sarah Oliver, Fernando, they’re all like that. Okay. And, you know, that’s why we have such a fantastic team because we’re just not going to lower our standards too much. Admittedly, we we have lowered them a little bit and I’ll tell you how we’ve lowered them. Okay. years ago, for example, we sold many, many properties. And Carrie, this was even before you were with us, your years and years ago, we sold many, many properties in places like Austin, Texas, Phoenix, and Denver. Okay. Listen those markets I will not deny for a moment that those markets are better than Memphis and Indianapolis and Toledo. Okay. But the fact is those markets have all become way too expensive. And everybody’s priced out of those markets. And here’s another way we’ve lowered our standards, right? You know, can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with the old song, right? Is that, you know, we used to have rent to value ratios back in 2010, for example, of 1.6%. regularly, that was a common occurrence. Now, you know, if you can get 1%, which is fine, that’s a great deal. Okay. That’s fantastic. If you can get 1% so the standards have declined, but, you know, we can’t fix that. That’s just the whole marketplace, but we’re not gonna Do D quality properties, we’re not going to do D quality providers that don’t offer any degree of service or follow up and basically scam people. And we’re not going to offer D quality markets that just start crappy markets that are just way too blighted. And we’re not going to, you know, do some of this crazy offshore stuff either. Okay, that, you know, I’m not saying we never will, if something makes sense, hey, we’ll do it just like the next person. But we’re just going to have some standards, and we’re going to be picky. And you know, the company, the most successful company on earth is extremely picky this way. And that is Apple, the most almost a trillion dollar company now, most valuable company, the human race has ever known. incredibly high standards. Everybody loves their products, and they’re willing to pay triple to quadruple the price. I love it when all these people say, Well, I couldn’t get an Android phone for $99 Why would I pay $700 for an iPhone? Try an iPhone. You won’t want to go back. I can get a little PC laptop for, you know, 400 bucks. You know, I know you have to pay 1600 for a Mac, but it’s so much better. Really? It’s so yeah, that’s the that’s the philosophy. carry any other thoughts on this? I know, I tend to go off on tangents here.

Carrie 29:23
No, no. As far as the markets, you know, it’ll come back the they’re working hard these providers and inventory will be there. But some things to keep in mind is you know, when you are ready. As an investor, of course, first educate yourself, get out to these events, like Jason said, and get the hands on experience. And listen to the podcast and form

Jason Hartman 29:47
the relationship

Carrie 29:48
relationship. Then once you’re ready to go, you know, get yourself through lundeen Get yourself through financing. And once you have your pre approval read letter, you know, make sure you’re ready to jump on a property and Know the market know what you’re looking for. So you’re not going to miss out on that deal when it does come up. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 30:05
yeah, you got to be ready in today’s market because in today’s market, you need to convince the seller that you are the buyer that can complete the deal and can complete it quickly. You know, it’s it’s not just being willing to buy a property anymore. It’s being you know, ready and willing and very able and the way you and having a relationship that’s going to help you to big time, big time, so you know, can’t quantify it exactly, but it’s important and so like Kerry said, Get pre approved for your financing, our investment counselors, you know, Carrie, and the rest can refer you to the right lenders that specialize in investment property financing, you know, will help you buy the properties and, and, you know, one of your dear clients and our dear clients recently, Carrie, he’s been on the show he’s such a great guy comes to a lot of our events. And you know, he got kind of burned recently on a couple of properties. That he was buying. And, you know, the seller sort of changed their mind, basically, I think because they figured they could sell the property for more and this kind of stuff happens. But if you try and do it on your own, it’s going to happen to you all the time, there’s going to be no recourse. Whereas if you have our leverage, you know, we get these local market specialists to keep viewing things from a long term perspective, they know that the market will not always be this way, and it will become imbalanced in the other direction eventually, and they will need us they view that relationship is very important. So you’re going to get the power of our relationship, okay, with the local market specialists that’s going to help you make your portfolio your investments more successful and, you know, get you properties in the first place, good quality properties, but then also, we want to help you form your own relationships. And again, that’s why you gotta come to our events. We’ll see you in Oklahoma City for Okay, be there. Jason hartman.com. Click on events, get your tickets for the Oklahoma City Tour and meet our team there. You’ll really like them. They they’re a good team. Carrie, are we ready to wrap it up?

Carrie 32:13
I think we’re good.

Jason Hartman 32:15
All right. Hey, everybody. Thank you so much for listening. Carrie, thank you so much for joining me and letting me ramble on Carrie, do I ever go on a tangent?

Carrie 32:24
Thank you, Jason.

Jason Hartman 32:28
Just right there.

Carrie 32:30
Just occasionally,

Jason Hartman 32:31
only occasionally. This might be a reason that I’m single. It’s a thought it’s a possibility. Anyway, okay. So anyway, happy investing to all of you. And we’ll look forward to seeing you in Oklahoma City. Those of you who joined us in Chicago. Thank you for so much for joining us in Chicago for venture Alliance mastermind. Hey, Carrie, actually one more thing, But wait, there’s more. You’re working on Some good stuff for the venture Alliance coming up. Our next one, which will be tentatively slated for September. We do these quarterly meetings. Tell us what you’re working on.

Carrie 33:09
Yeah, we have a few options here. some exciting things. We could be going to Cuba, we could be going to Hawaii or Sweden into an Ice Hotel. So that one might be more in the winter. But there’s some exciting things and you should all get out there for one of them.

Jason Hartman 33:29
So folks, did you see the James Bond movie with the Ice Hotel? I think that was when Pierce Brosnan was James Bond, I believe. And he had that Aston Martin. That was the, you know, cloaking Aston Martin that was invisible, basically. And they were in the Ice Hotel in Sweden. And that’s what was on our on our bucket list for the venture Alliance mastermind we want to do, Cuba, Hawaii, which is you know, the island in Hawaii, obviously. So it’s hard for me to say kawhi quite quite carry any help on them

Carrie 34:05
and believe it’s quite, quite like Hawaii, Hawaii.

Jason Hartman 34:09
Yeah, I know. It’s hard to say that one. Please for me, the Ice Hotel in Cuba we want to do Cuba. I think that’d be super interesting trip. I have actually been to Cuba. I was there about 12 years ago. And folks, it’s like going back in time. It’s everything stopped in 1959 when Castro took over and and communism took over. So I want to get back there again before it becomes too westernized and modern and uninteresting. You know, as soon as there’s Coca Cola signs everywhere. It’s boring. It’s interesting when it’s like this. Yeah. So Carrie is working on some good venture Alliance scouting. So Carrie, thank you for doing that. And check out the venture alliance in more detail at venture Alliance mastermind calm. I just finished that great book outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill, and he just over and over talks about the importance of a mastermind group. It’s so so important. So Anyway, before we get on another tangent, Carrie, let’s say goodbye.

Carrie 35:04

Jason Hartman 35:05
Happy investing everyone. We’ll talk to you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening. Please be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes. Be sure to check out this shows specific website and our general website heart and Mediacom for appropriate disclaimers and Terms of Service. Remember that guest opinions are their own. And if you require specific legal or tax advice, or advice of any other specialized area, please consult an appropriate professional. And we also very much appreciate you reviewing the show. Please go to iTunes or Stitcher Radio or whatever platform you’re using and write a review for the show we would very much appreciate that. And be sure to make it official and subscribe so you do not miss any episodes. We look forward to seeing you on the next episode.

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