Jason Hartman is joined by Sara to talk about the upcoming live events and to applaud clients who have purchased properties. They also discuss assigning business to local market specialists based on their ability to properly support clients and terminating a low performing vendor because they were not doing right by the investors. They also gave information on the next Venture Alliance Mastermind and the courses included in the event.

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Welcome listeners from around the world. This is your host Jason Hartman with episode number 699 699. That means the next episode will be number 700. Wow, I cannot believe how far we’ve come. And dear listeners, we couldn’t have done it without you. Of course we so much appreciate you listening and telling your friends and colleagues and your enemies about the show. And spreading the word as we have listeners in 164 countries, clients from all around the world who are investing in the most historically proven asset class in all world history and that is income producing real estate as direct investors. So you maintain control over your financial future you are empowered. You are the empowered investor You are not leaving your financial future to chance you are not leaving it in the hands of some Wall Street crook, some greedy CEO, some greedy fund manager, some greedy financial planner, you are in control, you are a direct investor. So we are so happy to be able to share all of our knowledge and experience with you over all of these years. And as we come on episode number 700, our very next episode, it’s just been a real privilege. And I want to thank you all so much for continuing to listen and I know what happens. new listeners Let this be a warning for you. If this is your first episode, you are likely to become addicted. Yes, a lot of our listeners become addicted. They say hey, Jason, I listened to the first episode. And you have me with Hello. So, you know that’s from the movie Jerry Maguire. Do you remember that? You had me at hello very romantical anyway, I just remember that reference. You had me at hello. And I went back and I listened to all several hundred of your episodes over the over the following couple of months and kept up with all of the new ones, as you publish them three times a week. We appreciate that. And really, we’ll do our best to constantly bring you the best, most relevant information to help you be an empowered investor. And today, we have our top investment counselor who’s been with me, oh, most 10 years. And that is Sarah. Sarah, welcome. How are you?

Sara 3:36
Hey, good. Thanks for having me. It’s great

Jason Hartman 3:38
to have you back on the show. I’ve always got to twist your arm to get you on the show. So we appreciate you taking some time out of your very, very busy day to talk to the listeners and congratulate some of our listeners on what they’ve been doing. And we want to talk about our upcoming event. Yes, we’ve got well two events really. We’ve got coming up We are announcing on this episode today, Episode 699. And also talk about how occasionally we have to just terminate a local market specialist and we have to just clean house and do right by our clients. Because sometimes you just gotta say, Enough is enough. It’s the United States like the United States, and the declaration of independence from England many years ago. And then, coincidentally, England’s Declaration of Independence, if you will, from the European Union, the Brexit, which we have a lot more to talk about as that goes, but so far right now, that is shaping up with all of the bad that’s coming with it and I said there would be some short term pain, but in the long term, it’s a slap in the face to the establishment and the One World Government, and I think it will be great, great news for England to have their independence from these bureaucrats at the European Union. And that will be good. And we’re here to help you have your independence as an investor from scams from slimy Wall Street people and from bad local market specialists that don’t take good care of business. So Sarah, where should we start?

Sara 5:20
Well, we’ve got a lot to talk about. But I think what we should start with is, I’m going to I have a new label for this year. And I didn’t tell you this, but I’m going to call this the year of the 1031 exchange. Oh, sigh I am into

Jason Hartman 5:33
that. You know, many, many years ago, I postulated my refi till you die plan, which I think is fantastic. But here’s the the good problem to have, if you will. So many of you have properties that have appreciated too much. It’s a good problem to have. Right? But tell us more about that, Sarah?

Sara 5:57
Yeah, I’m just noticing a huge pickup in And clients that are contacting me, some of them are, you know, properties that they bought through us and they’re, they’re selling them for, you know, some some twice what they paid. And you know, they’re just what happens is the property values go up and the rents hadn’t quite caught up yet, which may or may not happen depending on the market. And so, you know, there becomes there becomes disconnect between that rent to value ratio that we, you know, we preach here,

Jason Hartman 6:26
absolutely, the RV ratio becomes disconnected. It’s not tethered to the value of the property. And here’s what always happens in Sarah, I just wanted to jump in when you said that because the rents, you know, haven’t caught up yet and they may not catch up. They will always catch up, if you will, in these linear markets. The problem is they they usually catch up when the cycle is turning. So that’s when values softened a little bit. And the rents have been going up steadily over the years. affordability declines, and there aren’t as many people buying. And that’s when you see that sort of equilibrium, if you will. And in many of the markets that are, in fact, linear markets, or maybe some of them have a touch of hybrid to them, again, three types of markets, cyclical linear and hybrid markets that we’ve talked about many times on prior episodes. And so the rents always lag, they they catch up very slowly to the prices. But hey, take advantage of it. The 1031 exchange is one of those three great tools that make the single largest expense any of us have in our lives, taxes much more bearable, because income property is the most tax favored asset class in America. So people been doing exchanges. share a little bit of that with us, sir, if you will, like you know, if you happen to remember offhand, where would be a property that maybe they’re selling, and where are they buying and, you know, any any stories from clients on that?

Sara 7:59
Yeah. I’ll give you some examples. And I don’t know if I’m necessarily matching up where the client is selling. I can’t remember where each client is selling their properties. But I’ll give you some examples like, you know, Phoenix, Atlanta, some of the Denver markets, and some of them are like commercial type deals where the cash flow just isn’t as good. But those are some of like, the cyclical markets where, you know, they’ve seen those price increases. They’re there maybe selling one or two properties and buying, you know, three or four properties in exchange, you know, for the one that they sold. We’ve had David from New Jersey, just closed on four in Orlando. So congrats to him.

Jason Hartman 8:36
Congratulations, David.

Sara 8:38
Yeah. And so Orlando is a market where, you know, we did our property tour last November and we had some clients take advantage and and purchase there and so far, so good. And this is this is funny. I don’t know if Joe did a 1031 exchange, but he also bought three in Orlando and he’s also from New Jersey.

Jason Hartman 8:57
Yeah. Maybe they know each other.

Sara 8:59
Yeah, they need to meet Actually, I think they do. I think one referred the other. So congrats to you guys on that.

Jason Hartman 9:05
And by the way, listeners, we don’t want to say clients last names without permission. So that’s why we’re just talking on a first name basis. You know, many of you clients over the years have been on the show, and you know, your last name is out there, without permission from the client, we just want to reference by first name. So we got David from New Jersey bought four properties, and those are in Orlando. And let me just drill down and talk about those because interestingly, one was $89,900. Another one was 99,900. And another one was and and two more were the same price 1099. So those are fantastic. They’re in a couple different cities in the greater Orlando metro area. And then when you talk about Joseph or Joe in New Jersey, also, there we’ve got one for 116 nine, I want another one at the same price. Another one for 1099 Another one for 129 900 or sorry 121 nine. So four properties for each of those. Congratulations. Yeah, that’s great.

Sara 10:09
Well and I’m looking back and that fourth one is actually if you look over that one’s a deal from last year that he that Joe did in Indy so it’s a completely different Omar Sorry, that was an honor.

Jason Hartman 10:19
That’s Indianapolis.

Sara 10:20
Yeah, I just threw that in there. But yeah, I mean, they’re, they’re, they’re doing great. You know, I think that’s a real nice sweet spot that 80 to 120 thousand dollar price point you get a nice you know, I call it a bread and butter rental. Usually they’re they’re going to be you know, like a three bedroom two bath, Mata size property that rents really well. And that’s a sweet spot in a lot of the markets. You know that we do business in Memphis and some of the others as well.

Jason Hartman 10:47
Yeah. And if you don’t like any gluten, stay out of the bread and butter markets. Well, the butters, okay, but the bread is bad for you. So if you’re gluten free, you got to go and buy higher end properties that aren’t bread. Right.

Sara 11:02
So we now have gluten free investors is that no we have

Jason Hartman 11:06
who’s really bad at humor? That’s what we really have.

Sara 11:10
No, I really like that.

Jason Hartman 11:12
Okay, and then let’s, let’s kind of congratulate a couple more of our clients here while we’re at it. Who else we have Sarah?

Sara 11:18
Well, so so we’ve got Raul and he’s from Florida. Now he is helping some family do a big 1031 exchange. And so they’re buying in several different markets. And he’s kind of facilitating it for them. And he’s been a great client over the years. I mean, he’s really built his own portfolio and now he’s helping his friends and family. I want to say we’ve been working with him since at least 2010. And so he’s well diversified. And it’s great to see clients refer their friends and family that, you know, makes me know that we’re doing something right over here. So we appreciate your referrals as well.

Jason Hartman 11:55
Yeah, yeah, we really do appreciate them and and you know, if you’ve been A client of ours that we will take good care of you and any of your referrals. I think one of the main differences between us and the other, this is a very cottage industry, we do a very specialized thing. But there are a couple other players out there who, who are in the biz, if you will. And I think just better than anybody out there, we really have a philosophy number one, more so than others do. And we really understand who our customer is. One of the mastermind groups that I’ve been involved in is a bunch of real estate people and, you know, different rehabbers. And what we call local market specialist or LMS is from around the country. And I gotta tell you, the folks who you see out there who are in this business of presenting and promoting properties to buy and hold investors, a lot of them I really think they just don’t really have a true understanding of who their customer is. And here’s what I mean by that. And it kind of leads to this other point about our, our recent departure, if you will, that wasn’t that friendly, by the way. It was it was moderately friendly. But you know, there was a little, there was a little bit of tough talk in there for a bit back and forth a couple weeks ago, right before I went to Fiji.

Sara 13:21
They just they think

Jason Hartman 13:22
that their vendor is their customer. They think that oh, I gotta be buddy buddy with a supplier and look at we love our suppliers. Don’t get me wrong, we love the good ones that take good care of our customers. But if if if they, you know, everybody, this is human nature, folks, we all know this. We all do this to one extent or another. At the beginning, we’re really excited. We’re really grateful. It’s a new relationship, new business. Hey, bring it on. You know, you’re it’s like the it’s like when you’re first dating someone, right? Everybody’s on their best behavior. They’re dressing Well, they’re, you know, they’re getting ready and, and really taken care of and being considerate of that relationship. But eventually you’re gonna take things for granted. And, and that happens and we got to be constantly on guard against that when we get negative feedback about a local market specialist from one of our clients, whether it be on the on the property maintenance and repair side or the management side, or whatever we get on their case. And Sarah, that’s one of the things I love about you. You know, so many years ago, I remember during the Great Recession, you you were saying you came to me one day and you said, You know, I really think we do something, we really do something special for people we’re really helping them. That’s what this is all about. Look at both you and I I know you are now two financially independent, okay, so we don’t need to do this. We’re doing this because it matters. You know, it’s a cause it really feels Like, it makes a difference. That’s, that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. And that’s what I get excited about. But

Sara 15:07
yeah, well, Funny enough, I actually had somebody call was a referral from another client. And he called and he said, Well, you know, I want to be honest, I’m, I’ve made, you know, three phone calls, you know, I’ve talked to a couple other people that do something similar what I think is similar to what you do, and now he’s not a podcast listener. So I’m getting them engaged. But you know, this is somebody that just was a word of mouth referral from somebody else who purchased through us. And he said, so you know, what sets you apart from your quote, unquote, competition. And, you know, I first I kind of told him a little bit about what we do and gave him the background info. And I said, You know, I think what sets us apart is that, you know, we actually like, counsel our clients on the big picture stuff and, you know, really talk to our clients and we’re here as an extra set of eyes and ears. We’re not attached to any one market and no, so we were about 10 minutes into the call and he said, You know, he said, I’ve only been on the phone with you for about 10 minutes, he said, But I’ve talked to a counselor quote unquote counselor, you know, from another company, and he said, Man, there’s just been so much add value to this call in comparison to, you know, speaking with that other representative. So, you know, we’re getting a good client feedback. I I don’t really even call it competition these days because and I don’t say that to impress upon anyone or to brag, I just think we do something different. I think that we really do bring value to our clients.

Jason Hartman 16:26
Yeah, I would certainly agree and I know the clients listening who are the listeners who are clients listening would agree with that too. So that’s a great thing and we’re happy to do it and we just we just love doing this stuff because it’s it’s we’re taking business away from Wall Street. We want to move as much money away from these Wall Street Style investments as possible income properties, the most historically proven asset class in the world. Okay, so row, let me See how many properties for Oh, that looks like five properties, right? 12345 I’m seeing five of them here.

Sara 17:07
And these are actually his, you know, his family’s portfolio. I didn’t really take the time to look up his personal deals, but I it’s, he’s working on a 1031 exchange. And so they’re doing great. And then, you know, another client, john was another word of mouth referral, and he recently closed on three in Memphis.

Jason Hartman 17:30
He’s got Yeah, all three are Memphis and those are, let’s just, let’s just look at the prices of some of these. Okay, so one of roles was a little bit more expensive. One 139,901 39, nine, and 124 110, one for 72,500. So, kind of a good mix there. probably have a and b and maybe that 72,000 ones a C plus type property. JOHN 84,900 101. 898 there’s an odd price in 94,900 for John’s three properties. Congratulations, john. That’s awesome. Those are all in Memphis. And then we’ve got Steve, who’s been buying with us for a while. got three. That’s Southern California buyer. Orlando. One in Orlando. Two in Memphis, right?

Sara 18:19
Yep. Those were from this year and he’s purchased others in Chicago and Steve, we got to get you in our venture lions mastermind group and it’s about

Jason Hartman 18:29
times we’re going

Sara 18:31
to get you on the podcast.

Jason Hartman 18:33
You got a great story.

Sara 18:34
I actually just talked to him today and we had to cut our call short because I was telling him I got to record with Jason but right client he’s in So Cal by me and we he’s been to many of our events and we’ve had some some good chats but he’s, he’s doing great you know, he’s, a lot of our clients are really on a mission. In fact, I talked to john and this other client here yesterday. And I mean, he’s he’s on a mission To buy 10 this year 15 next year, he’s got a very aggressive plan. He’s already asking me, what do I do after, you know, my financing runs out, I gotta go commercial, you know, financing. And so we’ve got some clients soon big things good,

Jason Hartman 19:13
good stuff. And then of course, there’s Gary and that’s Gary Pinkerton because he was on the podcast before so everybody knows his name and, and he’s got a bunch more

Sara 19:20
to huh. While he’s working on it. these are these are some deals that you know, haven’t closed yet, but I gotta tell you, you

Jason Hartman 19:27
me and Gary’s 100% Memphis at this point right now, for these new purchases. Yeah,

Sara 19:32
I didn’t tell Gary this, but I had some, like two clients that were pretty upset with me because we, you know, we had like 11 properties in Memphis become available last week. And I mean, like, three came out one day and you know, five another day. And so I was trying to send them out to our buyers as quickly as I got them. And I mean, we literally put those 11 properties under contract same week, and so Gary stole some from under a few I didn’t tell him that.

Jason Hartman 20:02
Hey, Gary, congratulations, the early bird gets the worm As the old saying goes, and and there’s another great saying, I like this one. You know you you’ve heard that good things come to those who wait. Well, there’s a add on to that. Good things come to those who wait, but only the things leftover by those who hustle.

Sara 20:22
I love that. Yeah.

Jason Hartman 20:24
Good stuff. And, you know, we actually I think this was a pretty good lead into our next, maybe a little discussion here as a side. That is we have been really racking our brains. We’ve been going back and forth our internal team on voxer. And on our monthly team calls where everybody gets together. And just on random discussions here and there too. And we’ve been talking about we want to do another property tour in September. And we were thinking Gosh, do we do it in Chicago? Well, right Now if you want to buy a property in the Chicagoland area, they can’t deliver anything to you until late November. If you want to buy a property in Memphis right now, you’re probably looking at somewhere around November also, depending on which provider you’re working with. We were going to do Port Richey, Florida, we you know, that was a that’s a newer market for us. Just it’s a Tampa, suburb, Tampa, Florida that I really like. But Tampa is a little too expensive. And the the provider there just can’t get enough inventory. We just don’t have enough inventory in any one place to be able to host a property tour. And it’s not the first time we’ve had this as a struggle. But we made a decision as to how to approach this problem and make it work so you can still come out and meet our local market specialists. Get a good overview of different markets and Sara, do you want to comment on what we’re going to do? Or do you want me to tell them about it? The big news, this is the big next event.

Sara 22:07
This is the big news. Well, I and we toyed with the idea of like, should we do like another meet the Masters type event? And you know, we decided no, our meet the Masters event is in January, you know, special event that, you know, we do, we like to do that in January, where we bring all of our providers in. So we’re going to do we’re going to do is we’re going to do a new event with new content, lots of good education, as always,

Jason Hartman 22:33
and we don’t even have a name for this event. It’s called the something event. I don’t know what it’s gonna be something about real estate investing, you can be sure that

Sara 22:43
Yeah, and we’re gonna bring some of our top providers with the best inventory to our event in Can I say where it’s going to be?

Jason Hartman 22:53
Yes, it’s going to be in Phoenix. And we do not have a venue yet. But we do have a date because we We’ve literally just decided

Sara 23:02
we don’t have a venue. But we have

Jason Hartman 23:04
here really, folks, we need help over here. We are really all confused and disorganized. I’m just kidding. We’re actually not as bad as we look. But, you know, we’re, we just want to get this out there. So all of you can start making plans. Okay? This will be September 10, and 11th. That’s a Saturday and Sunday, September 10, and 11th. A, the ominous date of 911. I just noticed that. So you can all remember this easily. As bad as that association is, unfortunately, but September 9, or sorry, September 10, and 11th. Okay, in Phoenix, where I live, and we’re assuming another one of our investment counselors will be living in Phoenix moving from the Socialist Republic of California to Phoenix. We will be there with I believe, and we’re vetting and picking now for maybe only three, three or four of hours. teams from different markets. And if, if 50 or 80 of you show up between three or four different providers, we can probably have enough properties for you. But we can’t do this in any one market, because we just don’t have enough properties. If If 40 or 50 of you show up in Chicago land or Port Richey or Memphis or Indianapolis or wherever we might want to say we’re doing a tour. We just we just don’t have enough inventory in any one market. It’s too scarce. So,

Sara 24:36
there’s another thing I want to just mention, you know, that people may not realize is, we don’t want to necessarily overwhelm any one provider either, because we want them to do good rehab jobs.

Jason Hartman 24:51
Before Haven’t we Yes,

Sara 24:53
yeah. I mean, it’s really it’s it’s really a strategic thing to not put you know, 30 people On a property tour, even if we had that inventory, and we knew they were going to be done in a couple months, we don’t want to add pressure and you know, have issues with rehab delays and you know, add, add to that

Jason Hartman 25:12
big a big part of this. And you know, it is a total art. There’s not a science to it, it’s an art, I will say, a big part of this is managing the way we don’t allow business to the local market specialist because remember, these are, these are mom and pop businesses. In most cases, there’s really only one exception in our network. That’s not sort of some level of a smaller mom and pop business is a very fragmented industry. And it’s a very specialized thing that we’re looking for in these providers, these vertically integrated companies that provide acquisition, rehab management, either internally or externally, and ongoing construction support. And there just aren’t a lot of companies that do this stuff. So, knowing how to dole out the the business to these different providers is a real art form. And Sarah, you engage in this constantly, you’re always talking about this. Almost every other conversation we have is about this topic, I would say,

Sara 26:16
well, and I’m so thankful to our clients because we’re getting constant feedback. You know, we know where the property management teams are doing the best, where the rehabs are the best, you know, where the rehabs are slowing down, where there’s turnover in property management teams, for example, you know, our clients are giving us this constant feedback. So if I know a company’s going through some turnover, you know, I might just say well, you know, let’s let’s take a step back from that market

Jason Hartman 26:40
way off of them right

Sara 26:42
yeah, let’s let’s have them you know, get out get all their ducks in a row. And you know, we can jump back in when it makes sense. No, no, sir. I’m surprised you

Jason Hartman 26:49
didn’t say they should get their chickens in a row. I know. I knew you were gonna say that.

Sara 26:54
I didn’t know you were gonna say chickens, but I need to pick that one up. When else yeah.

Jason Hartman 27:00
Get their ducks in a row

Sara 27:01
their dogs in a row, whatever you can put anything you want in a row. I’m very satisfied.

Jason Hartman 27:07
And and for new listeners that don’t understand the reference, Sara always revises famous old sayings. Instead of shoot yourself in the foot. She says treat yourself. It’s funny. It’s pretty funny, though.

Sara 27:20
Yeah. So I, you know, this is a good segue into, you know, what we wanted to discuss kind of firing a recent provider, if you want to call it that, but I know you want to kind of chat about

Jason Hartman 27:32
that. And, you know, every so often we I don’t want to say this was a bad apple because i don’t i don’t think it was a bad apple. But it became I think this relationship, just frankly, got stale. And we sent them a ton of business. They were making a lot of money. And then they just got really, really, frankly really cocky, you know, to where they they just didn’t appreciate it. It’s like they Almost acted like the customer was their enemy or something, you know, it was kind of shocking to me,

Sara 28:06
it was really unbelievable. And they were doing going as far as to making, you know, they were, it’s like they had some challenges with their management company about a year or so ago and, and they made some changes to their purchase agreement to try and fix those problems with the management company. And they kind of like snuck some things in their purchase agreement that weren’t in the investors favor. And so little by little, I was getting that client feedback, just realizing that the agreement was not in alignment with what the clients were trying to do. And we tried to, you know, get them to make some changes. And, I mean, we’re talking about things that like all of our other providers, don’t do it just not industry standard.

Jason Hartman 28:48
So let me tell you what happens here. That provider that local market specialist, I know who else they’re working with, okay our so called competitors and they will simply Go to them and say, Hey, I have more inventory for you now, because I’m not working with Jason’s group. And guess what? They’re working with them because they did not stick up for the customer the way we did, and so that that customer, that investor will have these lesser experiences, these these not as good experiences with them, because they went through another provider that wouldn’t go to bat for the client. That’s the difference. You know, they’re, they look at the local market specialists wants the provider who’s easy to work with, okay, or wants the referral source like us. It’s easy to work with, it doesn’t give them a hard time. Right. And, you know, we give them a hard time we call them out on some stuff. And so finally, this guy just said, Hey, I can’t do it anymore. He kept wanting to have private conversations with me as though he’s gonna convinced me to sell out my clients and I’m not I’m not doing it. You can have conversations with our whole team. Everything’s transparent. That’s it, you know, you’re not going to talk me in anything that they’re not going to agree with. Sarah, I don’t know why he needed to pull me aside and not include you in the conversation is if he’s going to, I’m going to overrule you and a client, you know, can’t break. It’s ridiculous.

Sara 30:24
Yeah, we just, you know, we want our clients to be taken care of. We want property management agreements to be reasonable and fair. And, you know, there are some things you have to like negotiate your management agreements, and some of them don’t really budge on it. And sometimes you just have to go with another management company. And that’s kind of what happened here. We said, Okay, if you’re not going to make changes to your management agreement, we’re going to refer them, you can sell them properties, but we’re going to refer them to another property manager. They didn’t like that at all. They didn’t like that. And so they they slipped something in their purchase agreement that required the buyer to use their property management company or their foods.

Jason Hartman 31:00
sneaky bastards.

Sara 31:02
So it was like borderline unethical and we call them to the table and I think we mutually agreed that this relationship was not working. And so you know, it is what it is. But Justin

Jason Hartman 31:13
just so you know the saying is called him on the carpet.

Sara 31:18
We called him on the carpet.

Jason Hartman 31:21
We call them on the call them on the table. You still do it. It’s so fun. I just love it. I love it. It’s great. Yeah, so So anyway, onward and upward. We’re done with that relationship. But you know, Sarah, it reminds me on days when the stock market the modern version of organized crime when it’s closed on holidays, CNBC, the mouthpiece for the modern version of organized crime, Wall Street, will show these reruns and they’re these really cool documentaries. And they’ll have documentaries about Walmart, for example, and I remember watching the Walmart one, I think I’ve seen that one. twice now. And the reporter says to the CEO of Walmart, he says, you know, these suppliers come in here to Bentonville, Arkansas, and they leave beat up. Like you just, you know, Walmart will not, will not give them a good enough price for their merchandise. If they want to sell their product, their widget in a Walmart store. You guys are just too greedy. You’re not you’re not giving them enough money for your suppliers. And I’ll never forget it that the CEO of Walmart looks right at the camera and says we are the agent of the customer. And our duty is to bring our customer the highest quality product at the lowest price. We are the agent of the customer. And that’s how we feel. We are the agent Where the investor, not for the supplier, the suppliers important to be sure we love our suppliers, the good ones, but we get a bad apple and we’re gonna get rid of them. Because you know, there’s just life is too short for that. So that’s the scoop there.

Sara 33:15
And just so our clients know that doesn’t mean you got a bad property and that doesn’t mean you get rid of your property, you know, we will help you find

Jason Hartman 33:21
out where you might want to get rid of your manager.

Sara 33:23
Well, if it’s an affiliate manager, yeah, and then we’ll we’ll let you know who our other clients are using in the marketplace. And I mean, that’s the power of this network is, you know, we, we know of other property managers and you just

Jason Hartman 33:35
lawns and we’re getting continual feedback, and we bring that feedback to all of you, and that is so important. Our job is to aggregate feedback, aggregate knowledge and share it back with you, our clients. And that’s what we’ll continue to do. Okay, Sarah, we got to wrap this up. Let me just tell you about not one but two events. Of course, there’s the event we already mentioned, though, we don’t know what the heck It’s called event yet. And that’s on September 10 and 11th in Phoenix, Arizona, and we don’t know where it’s going to be. But you know, I mean,

Sara 34:10
like, should we give away a pair of tickets to the investor that names the event?

Jason Hartman 34:16
Now, that’s my idea. But you know, we’re not set up yet. Maybe we’ll announce that on the future. That’s a good idea. That’s pretty good. But But let me just tell you what the content will be built around. The content here is going to be built around using software to evaluate and manage your real estate investments. And of course, you know, with our acquisition last year of real estate tools, this fantastic software company that has some fantastic excellent software products, including property tracker property evaluator property, flipper, some great things. We are going to drill down on Really a how to class on how to use software to make your real estate investing so dramatically, so dramatically, much easier. Okay. And we are going to have one of our clients who is a professor in San Francisco. And that is Michelle, who you heard on the show several episodes ago, Michelle will actually be teaching part of this class along with me, and she will be navigating you through. And you know, one of the great things with someone who’s actually a professor who’s actually trained to teach people things, unlike me, I just talk you know, very random tangent, or you know, all of that stuff that they really know how to structure a curriculum, so people can learn more easily and retain knowledge more easily. And so Michelle will be teaching part of this class along with me and then we will have Three or four of our local market specialists. They’re from different markets around the country, who will hopefully come in with their teams with their property management people. And it’ll be somewhat like a meet the Masters event, but we’re going to do another thing differently. And one of our wonderful clients and venture Alliance members, Elizabeth, who is a fantastic executive, for a large publicly traded company you’ve all heard of, and probably a lot of you are using right now. I won’t mention the name. Maybe she will on a future episode if she comes on. But Elizabeth suggested this and it’s a great idea. So thank you, Elizabeth. We appreciate it. And by the way, today happens to be Elizabeth birthday. So Happy birthday, Elizabeth. Well, actually the day of us recording that’s not the day your birthday. Yeah, absolutely. It’s gonna be about a week and a half after we record for this one. She’s suggestions she says Jason. Before you hold the next meet the Masters event. I want you to get all your local Market specialists there a day or two early, and I’m going to teach them presentation skills. And I thought, you know what, Elizabeth, that is a fair criticism, because they, some of them just, they’re great at what they do. They’re just not presenters. They’re just not public speakers. And so what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a whole different format, they’re not going to get up and do these long presentations. And some of them are good, and some just ain’t that great, frankly. But what we’re going to do is I’m going to put them on panels, and I’m going to interview them. And I’m going to ask them a bunch of questions that we’ve already determined in advance that you all want to hear the answers to, and then the audience is going to have a chance to ask them a lot of questions, as well. So we’re going to do a lot of panel discussions. I think it’s just going to be a much better format. I’m really excited about it, and it’ll be a good practice run. For our Meet the Masters event coming up in January. Okay. So that’s the event basically in a nutshell in Phoenix on September 10, and 11th. Now, before that one week before that, in beautiful Seattle, we are going to have our venture Alliance event. And that will be actually on Labor Day weekend. So that’s another venture Alliance event. I think that’s our maybe our sixth event. Now we’ve our first one was San Diego. Then we did Newport Rhode Island saw the mansions there we went to Dubai. And where else did we go? We did something else. How come I can’t remember Ethel island? This is my mind. I thought. Oh, thank you. Jekyll Island, Georgia. Yes, thank you very much. And so this one will be in Seattle. It’s gonna be a fantastic event. That’ll be Friday, September 2. We’ll start on Friday, September 2 for dinner. And then all day, Saturday and Sunday, September 3, and fourth, go to venture Alliance mastermind calm remember if you’re not sure about joining Winning the venture lions mastermind yet, if you want to really network with other investors and do creative deals and do what we call ground floor deals that offer you a chance to basically pay for your membership for a couple of years or at least one year. So you’ll have ultimately a free membership with some special deals we offer only to venture Alliance members. Based on that you can come as a guest, and it’s just a one time guest fee of $2,000. If you want to bring a spouse or significant other to that event or business partner, it’s $1,000 more so 3000 for the whole weekend. And again, this is a high level thing. These are first class events. Everything is paid for it’s just a phenomenal first class experience as it should be. This is the venture Alliance. This is a this is a high end deal. Okay, so nothing like the price of our regular events that are to a wider market. But just wanted to tell you venture Alliance on on Labor Day weekend, and then the following weekend will be our Phoenix event that we don’t know the name of yet. So that’s it. Sarah, thank you for joining me. Any other comments? Before we go?

Sara 40:13
No, I look forward to seeing everybody in the fall. And thank you so much for having me.

Jason Hartman 40:18
All right, happy investing everyone. Visit Jason Hartman calm. If you have any questions, you can contact us there. And one of our investment counselors will get in touch with you and help you with anything. You can also get me on voxer at Jay Hart 88, happy investing to all and we’ll talk to you on the next episode.

Announcer 40:37
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