Sara joins Jason Hartman to talk about the low-interest rates and how it’s changing the dynamic of the market place. They discuss clients building their portfolios and buying properties with cash and delayed financing to seize the interest rates. They also encourage property holders to engage with their property managers to set expectations and ensure current needs are met.

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Jason Hartman 1:03
Welcome listeners from 164 countries worldwide. This is your host, Jason Hartman, thank you so much for joining me today. I’ve got one of our great investment counselors here. You’ve heard her on the show before. And that is Sarah, and we thought we would do a little gossiping. No, not really. But maybe a little bit. Oh, I don’t know. Sarah, how are you?

Sara 1:27
Good. Good. Thanks for having me. Again.

Jason Hartman 1:29
It’s good to have you back on. I always have to twist your arm to get you on the show. I tell you, you just, you’re just too busy. You’re a busy person. And there have been a lot of people buying properties lately. And that’s what I meant by gossip. I thought we’d gossip a little bit about them. And you know, I got the greatest note today. I love getting notes like this from one of our clients from a couple of years ago. And this is Oscar and Christine will review the whole note but he said hello Jason. I hope all is going swanky with you. See he knows me. He knows my stuff. Word. I’m not sure if you remember me and my wife, we purchased a bunch of properties from your network a few years back, happy to report that all as well. And I actually quit my job to do this full time. That’s an Oscar. That’s awesome. That is so awesome. We love to get messages like that. And we actually get them with some degree of frequency, but we don’t always mentioned them on the show. It’s just awesome to hear that you and Christine are you’re basically out of the rat race, you’re financially free due to the properties you purchased from us and we just love to hear that kind of stuff. And congratulations, you are you’re on your way or well maybe you’re just already living the good life the sweet life. Congratulations to you. That’s awesome. Awesome, awesome. And Sarah you got another one like that to share? Right?

Sara 2:50
Yeah, well, I kind of wanted to wait because they haven’t finished closing all their deals but they have them under contracts. I thought it was definitely worth a mention. Stacy and Andy from Southern Cal fornia and they are so young. I don’t know exactly how old they are. But I think they’re like early 30s they are almost wrapping up 20 loans between the two of them. Wow. So congratulations on your guys’s progress. I’m so excited for you. And we got a great email from them. So that’s, that’s exciting. I mean, they are just so young and they’re go getters, and they don’t mess around. I mean, they’re tough on their property managers for sure. They definitely know how to manage their managers.

Jason Hartman 3:28
Yeah, no question about it. That’s, that’s fantastic. Folks, this is just a matter of doing it. That’s really all it is. So if you are sitting on the sidelines, thinking and hearing these stories about people investing in real estate and creating financial freedom, it’s nothing more than just doing it. It’s really not that complicated. Many of you have a couple of properties, but you’re not really going big. You know, you’ve got some money in the stock market. The modern version of organized crime, hey, you’ve got, you’ve got some other things going on. Maybe you got a bunch of equity trapped in the house in which you live. And you should free that equity up and make it do something for you remember, there is no such thing as return on equity. I know that is a metric that they use out there. But I’ve proven hopefully conclusively, and you’ve heard me talk about it on prior episodes, that return on equity is a myth. So if you have equity in your home, and here’s the way you know that, look, it’s tax time, right? A lot of you, you’ve probably already done your taxes. Many of you are like me, and you’re filing extensions, which I firmly believe in filing extensions. Many say that that reduces your audit risk, by the way. But the last time I’ve been audited twice in my life, I sent a tangent. I’ve been audited twice in my life. And the last time the IRS lost and they ended up paying A whole bunch of money. So I just have a feeling my friends at the IRS aren’t going to be back anytime soon. But Sara, since you’re here, let’s just talk about audits for a moment. Because Do you remember jack from the IRS? Who back in 2010 basically was like an employee. He was in our office every day. Remember that guy?

Sara 5:18
Yeah. I remember specifically going in the elevator with him every day as we would go to Starbucks, but he would never let us buy him a Starbucks.

Jason Hartman 5:29
Yeah, well, that that’s illegal. I think I did actually buy him a Starbucks once. But it didn’t help me in the audit because I last as far as jack and I went we did we did sit and have coffee a couple of times over at Starbucks and whenever we would go to lunch, we’d always make sure to invite him but he wouldn’t exactly never

Sara 5:47
He would never join us. Yeah.

Jason Hartman 5:48
And here’s it but I lost the audit as far as jack goes, I want on appeal. Okay, so my CPA will if the time Who’s your CPA still. He fought it and I One so who says you can’t fight City Hall, the IRS ended up paying me a bunch of money. That was a big win. But it’s funny, jack, it just shows you how inefficient the government is right? And how these employees, the vast majority of them are just taken advantage of the government gravy train, because I swear to you, jack wood, wood, he’d come to work. And I pretty much knew that his whole day was dedicated to my audit for quite a few weeks that he was in our office. And he would come in and he’d probably get there at about 930 10am and we’d usually get out and maybe leave for lunch at about one. And that was Jack’s day he told me he said yeah, I’m going to pick up my daughter or whatever he would say, or go and pick up my kids at school or something like that and and then just go home. And he just did not seem like the ambitious type of guy working in the private sector that would be on his computer after he went home, doing work. You know, he would. It sounds like pretty much his day was about four hours long. So that was my impression but

Sara 7:08
So wait, I didn’t realize that you lost that audit.

Jason Hartman 7:13
Well I lost it. But

Sara 7:15
Does he know you eventually won?

Jason Hartman 7:18
Oh, I’m sure he does I’m sure he does you know I could probably call him up and rub his nose in it but I’m not gonna that’s not smart. You don’t know that. You don’t do that with a government okay. But yeah, I lost Well, I mean, I don’t know that I really lost but he assessed fees to my account, and he said you owe the government right. And then on appeal, I and I may be technically wrong about what actually happened here but I think my CPA appealed it and then went to Tax Court, I guess in one and it was it was his his rule was overturned and the IRS ended up paying me a few hundred thousand dollars. It was very profitable. I was so glad they audited me. And this is funny that the thing is, that was during the Great Recession, okay. And I was really depressed I felt like he here with all the other problems business wasn’t going so well back then. And things were scary if you if you remember folks back to the news and all the stuff in the media back then things look pretty bleak, okay. And then here I get this call or a letter or both, that I’m being audited and I thought, oh my god, really. And I was I was pretty bummed out. But it turns out, it was a huge win. I’m really grateful. I’m very glad that it happened because it was good. And you know, the IRS actually showed me some mistakes I made that were to my benefit on my return. And so it was it was a great deal. Very glad they came by

Sara 9:00
I don’t know if I ever told you but I got audited right around that time too. And I know how you feel about, like the economy being down. And I remember we were working so hard just to continue business and help people. You know, there were there were some clients that were having some challenges and we were just kind of working through it. And I remember the feeling like getting audited in one of my lowest income, years thinking man, like, What a waste of time. That was just such a small audit. I think they only it was a partial audit. And I just remember thinking here I am like working my butt off and I’m getting audited is here to add insult to injury, right,

Jason Hartman 9:39
Right. But I will remind you there is this great little old book by the late writer Robert Schuller Okay, who was the founder of the crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. And it’s got an awesome title. The title of the book is tough times never last, but tough people do and right around the corner from any bad thing that happens in our lives, it always seems like something good either happens next or something good comes out of it. And we’ve all been through tremendous challenges in our life. You know, if we’re older than 25 years old, we’ve usually been hit with some pretty tough challenges. I remember when I was in my 20s and thinking I was bulletproof and you just a little longer and crap is going to happen to you, okay? And it may be something you put into motion. It may just be from the outside world and outside forces, but you are going to face challenges. I promise. People used to say that I remember being in church hearing about stuff like that. I thought, yeah, life is great. Everything always goes perfectly. No it doesn’t. and stuff will happen. But if you just give it a little time, things turn around. They always Do and, and always look for the silver lining in the cloud. And always remember this one saying that I used to say, when I was training real estate agents many years ago, and through various challenges and tough economic times, and so forth over the years, I would say the key to success in business is to stay in business long enough for something good to happen. stay in business long enough for something good to happen. And the same is true with real estate investors. It is a game of staying power. And so many times investors get discouraged because oh, I’ve got a vacancy. I’ve got an eviction, I got a tenant who beat up my property and now I’ve got a bunch of expenses to repair it. But But undoubtably invariably if they just don’t give up. If they persist, they will get through those bad times. And suddenly, before they know it, just just a little time goes by and as Everything has worked out, and they are loving it. And I’ll give you an example. Our friend Drew, who is your client, Sarah, and drew has been on the podcast, things started out pretty rosy for him. And he had a tough year a couple of years ago with he had a pretty decent sized portfolio. I think he was up to about nine properties. Memphis, Indianapolis where his markets and one year he had a tough year and he was complaining like crazy. This was about two years ago, I think, several repairs and expenses. And he kind of was thinking this is really unfair. And I said drew and you remember you were on this call with me. I said, sell one of your properties. You’ve got a bunch of appreciation in there, sell just one of them to pay you back for all the problems you had and he wouldn’t do it. He didn’t listen to me. He wouldn’t sell one and you know me I’ve you hardly ever say sell something. Okay. And what I mean by that is liquidate, I would say maybe you sell something to do a 1031 tax deferred exchange and reinvest and I I’m in the middle of one of those right now, I’m going to buy two or three houses, with the proceeds from one house, that’s a great deal by cash flow is going to increase dramatically. And that’s not what I mean by selling in this example. I was actually saying liquidate one, take the money out and use it to pay yourself back, and then some extra for the problems you had. So you’ll you’ll shut up and you’ll be happy, right?

Sara 13:24
Yeah. I mean, why not? Give yourself a payday and give yourself something to get excited about and even if you’re going to reinvest that maybe you get rid of one of your headaches and give yourself that payday. I like payday.

Jason Hartman 13:36
All right. Okay. But But he didn’t do it. I mean, I’d rather have you have your payday through the refinance through the refi till you die program that we’ve outlined. And if you’re a new listener, you don’t know what that is. Go to Jason Hartman comm use the search bar in the upper right and type in refi till you die, several podcast and episodes and diagrams on that exact topic. really powerful but He didn’t listen to me. He didn’t sell. He kept everything. And he just told me a couple of weeks ago, he said, You know, I just I just want to tell you, Jason, I had a really good year last year with my properties. I am doing great. And so it always turns around, folks

Sara 14:18
well, and sometimes you have to make some changes. You know, I remember he made a big property management change, I believe it was in Indianapolis, that that property manager may have helped him turn that portfolio around a bit and get a cash flowing a little bit better.

Jason Hartman 14:31
You know, there’s an old saying that everybody serves a purpose. At the very least they can serve as a bad example. And, and I’d say his former property manager served as a bad example. So, but they, they helped him push him to finally make a change. And I think that was definitely good.

Sara 14:51
Yeah, I want to make sure our clients know it. I know we talked about this all the time, but don’t be afraid to manage your managers. You know, if something doesn’t seem right. They charge you for a repair that just seems way too expensive. Question them on it, look at your statements. Do you know go quick google search or, you know, pick up the phone and call a contractor or you can even go on home and see how much that part costs. And you can, it’s very

Jason Hartman 15:21
easy to hold them accountable and they’re really, really easy. So definitely do that. And don’t be afraid to self manage your properties either. Sarah, I know you’re not as much of a fan as I am of that. But I think the self management thing’s pretty cool. Now, have you come around to my thinking at all? Are you still firmly a disbeliever and self management or are you somewhere in the middle?

Sara 15:45
I okay, I have something I haven’t told you yet.

Jason Hartman 15:48
Oh, do you use a lot of things you don’t tell me?

Sara 15:51
Lots of things. Lots of lots of things. Okay, so I got a call from I actually talked somebody into self managing, I think It was one of their It was one of their indie properties, actually. And this is Karen. So by the way, congrats to Karen and Rick for putting another property under contract. They’re going on their third in Cincinnati. So they’re making some progress too. But anyways, we were talking the other day and she was kind of complaining about, you know, her property management company. And I said, well just think about self managing that one. It was already leased. She loved the tenant. I think the tenant was complaining about a repair taking too long. And anyways, she came around to it and she called me and she was so excited. You know, she is self managing one of our properties and she loves it. And I turned her on. What’s that website? You told us all about it meet the Masters cozy? Was it cozy,

Jason Hartman 16:45
cozy Co Co. Co co.

Sara 16:48
And she plugged into that for the rent checks and she says everything’s going well. So yeah, I’m coming around to it. I’m not self managing any of mine yet, but some of our clients are they’re doing well?

Jason Hartman 17:01
Yeah, yeah, no, that’s good to hear I really the the biggest challenge in our business is property management. And sometimes the biggest challenge is property managers. Okay? Now, you’re far better off doing it through our network than doing it yourself. Because if you try it yourself, you’re going to have just zero leverage. Alright, but doing it through us, we’ll make that property management experience better for sure. And the property manager experience I want to distinguish those two, but it’s still it’s still the biggest challenge. I think the rest of it’s pretty darn easy. You know, management is where the rubber meets the road. And you really, you got to pay attention to it. There is folks, if if you’re listening for the first time and you’re thinking, well, I thought this whole real estate investing and building a big portfolio, the idea was to have passive income. There is no such thing as passive income. Okay, it doesn’t really exist in any oral I would get casually say, Yes, a real estate portfolio is passive income. But if if you are, if you have any investment out there, including in the bank, just a bank CD, and you’re treating it passively, you’re gonna lose. So really no such thing as a truly passive investment. There are varying degrees of passivity. And this is pretty close. So

Sara 18:22
yeah and and just don’t let your motion your emotions get the best of you. I mean, it’s really easy to get frustrated with somebody especially when you’re mostly dealing with them over email and it’s not very personable all the time. But you know, when you have a management concern, take it seriously. Do what you can to make it as painless as you can, you know, get the best deals on rehabs get your properties leased quickly, but you know, just constant communication with your property manager through those issues if you have them and then this isn’t this isn’t difficult, but just be engaged. You just got to be engaged. Okay. Yeah. Don’t get frustrated too quickly. A lot of times we let our emotions get the best of us. Even so many times somebody will be really upset and then we talk through it. We get the issue resolved. And the week, a week later, they’re like, all excited and got home about it again.

Jason Hartman 19:13
No, yeah. Well, the old saying, don’t sweat the small stuff. And then remember, it’s all small stuff. So yeah. Sarah, should we talk about the property tour? Yeah, coming up. I mean, this is not 100% confirmed, but it’s, it’s, it’s 98% comfortable.

Sara 19:30
And initially, we you know, we were talking about a Memphis tour, and we love Memphis but there’s roles in the inventory sometimes and and that’s kind of what we’re seeing right now is you know, after our meet the Masters a lot of properties sold. Now they’re working a lot is like an understanding.

Jason Hartman 19:48
Yes. Okay. A 10 ton. Yeah, more than a ton because a house just one house I bet weighs more than a ton, but Okay,

Sara 19:55
yeah. What we don’t want to do is we don’t want to put you you know, under contract on our property. That is like still has a ways to go before the renovation is done because all these properties for any new listeners, they come rent ready for your tenant. And so there are there are times when the local market specialists are in their acquisition stage and they’re renovating properties. And we don’t want to just have you sitting around waiting for properties. So we definitely don’t want to take several people to a market to look at, you know, properties that aren’t ready to be sold. So maybe we can do a fall tour. I know a lot of people are interested in Memphis, but we’re getting such great feedback on one of our property managers that I thought doing an Ohio tour would be a good idea. So we’re working on details. I hope it all comes through. We can pencil in some dates and Jason, are we ready to announce some maybe dates?

Jason Hartman 20:50
I think Yeah, we’re looking at early June. So Mark your calendars save the date tentatively, and Just keep that in mind. Okay, we will probably on our next episode or the one after that have this all firmed up for you. So we look forward to seeing you. And this time let’s not do Jq, I didn’t even ask for your vote on this, Sarah, let’s do creating wealth. This one, okay, so we combine it with a seminar, and we split the seminar over two days, so you won’t tire of me too much. And on Saturday afternoon, we do the property tour. We go out to dinner together Saturday evening, we have all the meals together at the event. And that’s just a really great way to casually network and meet other investors. And, again, this isn’t like meet the Masters where we’ve got so many people there and it’s so busy. Property tours are definitely more laid back. We’ll do the seminar over the course of two days, the creating wealth seminar, and then we’ll do the property tour, a Saturday afternoon and early evening and then have dinner that night. So it’s gonna be great. And we’ve had many, many, many, many, many, many I don’t know. Are we up to thousands of people at property tours yet? Probably. We’re over 1000. So far, I’m sure. Oh, yeah, there’s Yeah, maybe maybe a couple thousand people come to our property tours. And they’re great. People love them. So we hope you’ll join us for that. And we’ll announce some early bird pricing, maybe even on the next episode when it gets all firmed up. But I just have to tell you, this brand new hotel that we’ve got, and we’re just waiting for the contract back on it is stunning. It’s spectacular. I love staying at nice places. It makes it makes travel really enjoyable when you stay at swanky places. So that’s, that’s what we’re working on to Syrah. Talk to us a little bit about who’s been buying properties lately.

Sara 22:40
Yeah. Well, you know, a lot of clients a lot of new clients coming through and repeat clients that have been buying with me since 2007, which is awesome to see them, you know, continue to build their portfolios. We recently had Matt in Oregon, do about seven all cash deals. Wow.

Jason Hartman 22:59
Congratulate 77 at a time. Yeah, he

Sara 23:02
did mix it up a little bit. He did Indy, Columbus and Birmingham. And I don’t know, maybe we got to talk them into putting a loan on those properties.

Jason Hartman 23:13
Yeah, well, the nice thing is you can do that delayed financing option, which isn’t categorized the same way of refinances. So if you do it within, I believe six months, you can still get the equivalent of a purchase money loan on refiling those out and they might even appraise for more. So it’s a, that can be a pretty good deal. A lot of investors have used that tactic. It’s a it’s a little known tactic, but just talk to one of our investment counselors about it. They will refer you to a lender who can give you all the good details about that. But yeah, so you may be refinancing or not refinancing, but getting purchase money loans, delayed purchase money financing on those properties, six months from now, and that can be a pretty great deal. So just ask us about it to get more details. When you talk to us, but go ahead Who else? Yeah,

Sara 24:02
we’ve got bill who is a soccer coach, little little guy soccer coach. I think he has girls can’t remember I have a little soccer player. So I remember that

Jason Hartman 24:12
your kids are in all forms of athletics. Every every weekend, Sarah, your Facebook is filled with athletic events.

Sara 24:21
The best I don’t know what I’m gonna do when my kids grow up.

Jason Hartman 24:24
What’s so great about it by the way, see to that to me, that would seem kind of boring, but maybe that’s why I’m not a dad. But I do I do like kids. I think kids are great. I want to be a dad but I don’t want to go sit at those games all the time. But not as much as you do. Why is it your favorite?

Sara 24:39
Well, you see them especially my daughter, my daughter is really competitive. She She plays fastpitch softball, she’s a pitcher, shortstop utility, she can play anything.

Sara 24:49
And she practices she’s got such a good work ethic she practices all week, you know, on her hitting or pitching. And so to see them have a good game and compete to And it’s just it’s just fun and, and then there’s my my son who’s overly confident but doesn’t have the work ethic.

Jason Hartman 25:08
Your son, your son’s ethic so far is the big hat. No cattle ethic, right? self confidence will get you very far in the world even without doing the work a lot of times

Sara 25:18
and he’s so he’s always listening to my calls and you know, my work calls in the car and asking questions, and he’s super into money in real estate. He’s probably going to be your investment counselor in about eight years. So, anyways, yeah, so so build the soccer coach, that was a tangent. And he was actually referred by our friend Gary, and he’s buying some properties in Little Rock and Chicago and, you know, just just getting started in building a portfolio. So congrats to him on his new deals. And wow, I mean, what about what about Brent? Oh, yeah. Brent. Hey,

Jason Hartman 25:53
Brent, you Brent. I love it. I love Brent. Okay, so Brent has been to many of our events. And I am so glad to see him starting to build his portfolio. So that’s awesome.

Sara 26:06
Yeah. And that’s Brandon’s dad who’s one of our venture alliance

Jason Hartman 26:09
Oh. I love Brandon. He’s

Sara 26:11
A young guy and he’s just killing it, baby. It’s awesome. So

Jason Hartman 26:14
He’s doing awesome. And Brandon Brandon, many of you listening have met Brandon and his father Brent, because they’ve been to lots of our events over the years and Brandon’s a fighter pilot and you know, he was with us and Dubai and San Diego in Newport, Rhode Island and and coming up will be on Jekyll Island. I keep asking Brandon to fly his jet over though, but he never does that. I guess the government just doesn’t let you take on the Jets does it? The fighter jets?

Sara 26:39
Oh, if you can take it home or pick me up on the way

Jason Hartman 26:42
That would be totally fun.

Sara 26:42
That’s probably a big No, no.

Jason Hartman 26:45
But he’s such a funny guy. I love him. He’s just great. But yeah, good stuff. Good stuff. Okay, well, sales are very brisk. Now there are a lot more clients than that who have purchased in the last month or so. Or the last couple of weeks and, and you didn’t mention them Sarah because it’s too big. Frankly, but so if we didn’t mention you, we’re thinking about you, and we love it. And we appreciate your business. So thank you for that. Just We look forward to helping you build bigger and bigger portfolios, any things you’re seeing out there in the market questions you’re getting from people, concerns that you have or clients have, that we should address as we wrap up here, Sara.

Sara 27:21
Not a 10. I mean, I always get the question of people say, well, where should I buy? You know, I’ve already bought in Birmingham. I had somebody asked me the other day, Sean asked me, you know, I already bought in Birmingham, I’m thinking about doing some more deals there. But then he saw my Atlanta email with a couple of properties. And he said, Well, what about Atlanta? Is it risky there because it’s more of a hybrid market. He didn’t say hybrid market, but that’s what he meant, I think. So he just asked, What do I buy? Where do I buy, how do I diversify?

Jason Hartman 27:50
Right, right. Okay. So the answer to that question is, there is no perfect answer on where to buy right? It just depends on your risk tolerance. Your time horizon. But this isn’t this is not an inexact science. Okay. Just Just, of course understand that. But I think one of those questions in there was about Atlanta. And is Atlanta, a more risky market than, say Memphis or Indianapolis? Or some of our Ohio areas? Right. Would that be a fair question, sir?

Sara 28:25
Yeah, that was that was pretty much it.

Jason Hartman 28:27
You throughs Yeah, it’s slightly slightly more risky because it’s a little bit more of a hybrid market. It’s not as linear. That means prices have run up more, but people have made more money there. I mean, look, it’s not it’s not Miami. It’s not Los Angeles. It’s it’s not Boston. It’s those are the really risky cyclical type markets. Right. And there are many more of them that I didn’t mention, but Phoenix and Atlanta are kind of in between. So

Sara 28:56
Yeah, but I think Atlanta’s settled down a bit.

Jason Hartman 28:59
I agree.

Sara 29:00
Hedge funds kind of came in and they laughed. And what I said to this client is as long as you lock in a 30 year fixed rate loan and the cash flow makes sense the day you buy it, which it does, it’s really hard to lose. Because if the values go up, you know, and down a little bit, your loan, your payment doesn’t really change. And the only the only concern would be, you know, if your rents went down, which, again, there’s no guarantee, but historically speaking, you know, we don’t see a big dip and runs, you might see it teeter a little bit, but historically speaking rents, you know, go up. So, as long as you’ve locked in that you’re not on an adjustable loan, you know, those that was when things were risky was when people got into those risky loans. And I read an article yesterday that rates I think, nobody ever talks about when rates go up a little bit. I guess they went up a little bit and as of yesterday, reading this article, they were back down to historic low which is awesome. So take advantage of those low interest rate loans. They’re still here,

Jason Hartman 30:00
They were incredibly low. And I just can’t believe they haven’t gone up yet. I mean, it’s amazing that we can defy gravity this long I, I’ve been famously wrong on that prediction about higher interest rates. It makes no sense the rates need to go up, they should go up. Nobody, either in politics or the Federal Reserve, wants to ruin the party. During their tenure, the only one at the Fed who was willing to do it, and it took a lot of guts is Paul Volcker, who broke the back of inflation set off by the Jimmy Carter era and really even going way back to Nixon. But yeah, nobody wants to take away the Punchbowl. When they’re hosting the party. They always want to let the next person do it. And so Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke key Alan Greenspan, that’s all been the same, same deal all the way along there. They’re Keynesians, they’re there. They’re sellouts, but when you might be thinking Listen to me, well, Jason, why are you saying Same now why do you think interest rates should go up? Because the situation is not healthy. This is these are artificially low rates. And they should not be that way. It changes the dynamics of the marketplace. It really hurts older people It hurts Savers, it hurts people with money, it encourages a too much risk taking. And that risk taking has a business cycle to it. The higher they fly, the harder they fall As the old saying, right. And that’s exactly what happened in the last financial crisis. You got to slowly take away the Punchbowl. And really just just rein it in. It’s too much. It’s too much it’s too much. But anyway, that’s my opinion, and I’m not going to get my way so but But listen,

Sara 31:47
Jason now get his way. I

Jason Hartman 31:49
know I don’t get my way all the time. But what I will tell you about that is look, take advantage of it exploited use it to your advantage. Stock up on that cheap debt while you can while it’s there It’s It’s It’s wrong. It shouldn’t be this way. But from a personal perspective, heck exploit the hell out of it. Absolutely. Absolutely. So I do want to say something else. You know, Sarah, is there been any progress in opening any of these other markets that we’re working on? We’ve, we are looking but we just a lot of this inventory is just junk out there. And a lot of these providers, these local market specialists would be local market specialists, I should say. They’re just, they’re just not good operators. For example, I love to consider being back in Phoenix or Charlotte, or many other cities around the country and Atlanta has calmed down a little bit because the institutional money the hedge fund type private equity money isn’t so present there. The same is true with Phoenix, although Phoenix is still pretty darn expensive. Any any thoughts or progress there? Sarah, I know you’re you’re working on this every single day as am I

Sara 32:59
Yeah. While we are working on and I almost don’t want to mention it because we’re still doing some number crunching, but we’re looking at Tampa. I know everybody wants Florida and we’re working on numbers and get the numbers to work. That might be an interesting market.

Jason Hartman 33:15
And it’s not just about the market. It’s also about the team about the provider there. There are lots of lots of places to invest. There are lots of deals out there. But if you’re not going to get a group that stands behind that deal, and takes care of repair issues and takes care of management, you can have the best deal in the world but still have a terrible experience. And we have learned that lesson too many times over the years. And we don’t want you to have to learn it by first hand experience.

Sara 33:46
And you know, we’ve also got we’ve got a new provider that does Nashville again, I hate to bring it up. We’re looking at the numbers again, everybody always asks about Nashville. It’s an exciting The market. I don’t know if we could make it happen if the numbers work. We will be bringing you Nashville.

Jason Hartman 34:07
We will see we will see. Well, that is that is the the home of Taylor Swift so it can’t be all that bad. I think I almost got arrested there for stalking her. You heard that story. That’s a joke, by the way. But

Sara 34:20
Speaking of Taylor Swift, there’s an awesome video on Jason’s face that we posted yesterday.

Jason Hartman 34:29
Great. That’s your daughter interviewing me six years ago, Sarah, about Taylor Swift. And I just thought that was so funny.

Sara 34:36
Jason. Jason says, I’m he’s 28 and he wants to be a rock star.

Jason Hartman 34:41
That was my future goal. Exactly. Yeah. I love it. neither of which will will come true or are true. Yeah, funny stuff. All right, good. Well, Hey, folks, this was a very casual unusual episode. It’s just a chit chat with Sarah and I, but we hope you enjoyed it and got some benefit out of it. Let’s wrap it up, Sara, any any other thoughts you want to part with?

Sara 35:03
I know we appreciate you guys. We appreciate you listening and feel free to call or email anytime with your real estate investment questions we look forward to hearing from you.

Jason Hartman 35:12
We’re here to help, we’re happy to help. I shouldn’t give out my voxer one more time, because I haven’t been doing that lately, I got kind of overwhelmed with voxer messages and didn’t get time to play them on the air, which I know I’ve got to do. I’ve got a bunch of them saved up here. But it’s j Hart 88 on voxer Vo x er just download the app. And you can contact me there. And we can actually have a virtual asynchronous conversation, I will play them on the air. So that’s better than going to Jason Hartman calm and using the message app on there for your questions. And I know I’m behind on those two folks. The nice thing is that voxer really allows for a nice two way conversation. And that clarifies a lot for both you who’s calling in with a question and for the listeners on the air when it’s played on the air. We really get it more specific So, good stuff. Thank you all so much for listening. Go to Jason urban calm for the update on the property tour coming up. It’ll be on the website soon when we get it all confirmed 100% the dates are early June on that first weekend of June, and venture Alliance venture Alliance mastermind calm. We updated that site yesterday, you can find out more about our trip to Jekyll Island, the birthplace of the Federal Reserve. So that’ll be fascinating. I hope you join us for that you can join as a guest, and we will look forward to talking to you on the next episode.

Announcer 36:36
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