Sara joins Jason Hartman in this episode to talk about their clients’ successes in building great portfolios. They also discuss the service that the group provides and how real estate is fragmented, preserving the opportunities for small investors. Jason and Sara also chat a little bit about over-diversification, land contracts, and the shoulda coulda woulda mentality.

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Welcome to the creating wealth show, this is your host, Jason Hartman, with you for Episode 559 559, thank you so much for joining us today. And I’ve got Sarah here with me. You’ve heard her on the show many times before. And we thought today that for part of the show, we would, instead of doing a little talking behind your back, we would talk to you directly because we’re always talking about you because we care and we love you. And that’s our clients and listeners too, of course, but mostly clients because we’re more engaged with clients than listeners, because we’re talking to clients constantly. So we thought we’d just, you know, go through some kind of like common issues, questions, goals that clients have when they’re building a real estate portfolio, and creating passive income or eyes, I always like to make the disclaimer, semi passive income, you know, me, I don’t believe in passive investments, I don’t think they exist. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe I would believe in them. If they existed, I just don’t think they actually exist, I guess you would say, I’m a passive investment atheist, I’m a non believer, because I think you got to pay attention to everything out there. If you know anything, you put your money into even the bank, ask the Cypriots, you know, that’s what they call them, those people in Cyprus that had all this money in the bank that lost a bunch of it during what they call the haircut. So that’s a very important thing. And that’s what’s going on out there no such thing as a passive investment even in the bank. And Sarah, what do you say to that? Do you agree?

Sara 2:38
Oh, I definitely agree. We’ve got some great ones. But you know, each of them have their little intricate problems, and some are good at, you know, some things and others are good at other things. And it’s nobody’s perfect. So I guess that’s just life, though, right?

Jason Hartman 2:52
Yes, everything requires attention and management. But income property doesn’t require terribly much intention in management. And as we’re going to see, today’s we’re talking about some of our clients, instead of talking behind your back, and we’re talking about you on the show, don’t worry, we won’t identify you directly. So don’t worry about that. You can still maintain your anonymity. But as we’re talking about that, you know, the most common goal, Sarah, of investors, when they come to you now, you know, generically, everybody would say, Well, I want to make a profit, or I want to make money, or I want to get a high return on my investment. But really, the goal is the freedom. I mean, people just they’ve got their good corporate jobs, they’ve got their business, and it generates a good living. But again, it requires a massive amount of attention, right?

Sara 3:45
Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, what I’m really noticing with our clients is that they’re really attacking these big portfolios of properties. I mean, the guidelines, you know, the Fannie Freddie guidelines have loosened up a little bit. But now we’re seeing these big portfolio lenders come in, as you’ve heard us talk about, and allow investors to go beyond that those, you know, 10 properties is what they’ve been waiting for.

Jason Hartman 4:11
Yeah. So what Sarah’s talking about is, of course, those agency loans, where the government makes the secondary market with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the 10 loan per person limit. So, you know, single person 10 loans, married couple potentially 20 loans, 10 loans each if they can both qualify separately for the properties. But now, I mean, and this, this is why I had this idea for an episode is that I was, you know, I was going through and looking at some of the accounting, and I just see all of these clients just repeat, repeat, repeat. And it’s the same people that are just buying and building some pretty decent sized portfolios. Congratulations to all of you listening. I mean, you know, there’s so many names I couldn’t even mention but bill, Jesse, gosh, there’s just a lot Have them and we’ll, we’ll kind of dive down on some of them. I mean, you’re just you’re just building some nice nest eggs for yourself. Wow. I mean, I applaud you. Yay. Clapping, we should have some sound effects like a clapping that would be really cool. If we were if we were actually professional, we would have some audience applause noise you know? I have it in my house, actually, you know, when I walk around and do things, it claps for me. I’m joking, of course.

Sara 5:27
Well, I finally got my emoji apps. My 12 year old daughter finally downloaded that emoji app. Do you know what that is? With a thumbs up and a happy face?

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No, no, no, you you don’t even need emoji anymore. It’s built into your iPhone. And it’s on Facebook. Right? You don’t even need an app.

Sara 5:43
Well, you need it on your keyboard. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 5:44
She’s probably got this super super emoji app. Yeah.

Sara 5:48
Yeah, we need the emojis that clap and make noise.

Jason Hartman 5:51
Okay, so listeners, here’s your emoji. You’ve got a big smiley face. And a big thank you. I don’t think there’s an emoji for Thank you. And then a big applause because really, I mean, you know, as I’m seeing the closings here, and and looking at who’s buying the property, and you’re, you’re building some good sized portfolio. So congratulations, Sarah, talk in front of their back a little bit and not behind their back. So tell us about some of these clients and what’s going on, you know, recently here, recent purchases, closings, whatever.

Sara 6:24
Yeah. So my most recent communication was last week, I got an email from a client. And he said, I finally took the plunge and fired my boss. And you know, he’s got a home based business that, you know, kind of blew up for him. And he’s been using a lot of that capital to now invest in properties. And you know, he started with one or two, and it kind of snowballed. And so now he’s really diving in and investing with his family. And that’s Russ. So congrats to Russ.

Jason Hartman 6:50
Yeah, Russ. I’m seeing your name a lot here. So congratulations. Good job. Good job.

Sara 6:55
Yeah. And we’re I’m trying to get Ross to come join us on the podcast, but he’s just so busy with all of this right now. So

Jason Hartman 7:01
we’ll wait Ross Ross, you said Ross.

Sara 7:04
I said, Russ.

Jason Hartman 7:06
Oh, sorry. I thought you said Ross. Well, I’m thinking of my friend Ross. That actually owes me a phone call. So maybe I did that with my mind playing tricks on me there. But I don’t know. Listeners. What did she say? Did she shoot herself in the shoe? See, see, Sarah. That’s how we know how long people have been listening. Because only the secret group of longtime listeners get that reference of shooting yourself in the shoe.

Sara 7:34
Yeah, I can’t wait till we all just forget about that.

Jason Hartman 7:39
Okay, I’m gonna bring the rest of you up to speed here for just a quick second. Sarah has this funny, charming way of taking famous old sayings and tweaking them a little bit? Not intentionally, just by accident. They come out so funny. On one episode, she goes, she goes, I don’t want clients to shoot themselves in the shoe. And I said, Sarah, it’s shoot yourself in the foot. That’s the same. And so anyway, that was, you know, a bunch of listeners emailed us and saying, oh, haha, Sarah, don’t shoot yourself in the shoe. And I thought it was a female thing, because you’re always thinking about cool shoes and stuff. But I don’t know.

Sara 8:26
All right. All right. Back to the show.

Jason Hartman 8:30
You got any more funny things for us there?

Sara 8:32
I don’t, but I’m sure you’ll catch me in one pretty soon here.

Jason Hartman 8:37
And by the way, if you’re tuning in for the first time, just so you know, we usually don’t have all this fluff and silliness. Sara and I are just kind of a little fried here. It’s toward the end of the day when we’re recording this. And it has been insanely busy lately. So I think I think Sarah, maybe we’re getting a little punchy. Usually the episodes are quite on target on topic and a little serious. This one’s almost like a morning show where people are just kind of giggling and being kind of silly. But anyway, so Kathy has been buying a lot of properties lately. Yeah. Kathy from California. Hi, Kathy.

Sara 9:09
Hi, Kathy. And she just registered for our Jason Hartman University live event in San Diego by the time our listeners hear this, I’m sure

Jason Hartman 9:18
it’ll be right before him.

Sara 9:20
Yeah, they can still come. Yeah. So that’s going to be an awesome event. So she’ll be there. And then let’s see, we’ve got Jesse who just closed on a portfolio of about nine properties. I believe it was in Memphis, so congratulations to Jesse.

Jason Hartman 9:37
Yay, Jesse. So just in jet, but Jesse was buying stuff before that. I mean, Jesse has been building quite a portfolio right?

Sara 9:44
She is and she’s starting to you know, she’s been investing with us for a while. And so she started to get into that over diversification of markets. And so now I think she’s kind of consolidating a little bit. You know, she’s really diving into having to manage her managers and So she’s wanting to not downsize her portfolio but just downsize in terms of location.

Jason Hartman 10:05
Yeah. And then then that, by the way is, you know, a problem that I had myself and, and, you know, one of the mistakes I made in building my portfolio is that I over diversified, you know, one of my commandments is thou shalt diversify. And I totally agree with that. But what that means is three to five markets. Okay, not 10 markets, okay, not 12 markets, that’s just too many, it’s too many different people to deal with and, you know, cities to understand. So, you know, consolidating to three to five markets is a great choice. I firmly agree with that. But you don’t want to be in one or two, you want to be in at least three?

Sara 10:46
Well, and I want to just touch on that. And it kind of explain how that happens. So, you know, a lot of times the listener will call in and they’ll say, Oh, you know, I want to invest and, you know, I want to buy a couple of properties and get my feet wet.

Jason Hartman 11:00
Sara, you got that saying, right, that is the same. What were you gonna say, I want to get my head wet. I want to dip my legs in the water.

Sara 11:12
We’re having a heatwave here in So Cal, it’s like 100 degrees today. So I’m super hot. I’ve had a headache all day. So yes, I would love to just dive into any pool of water right now.

Jason Hartman 11:21
You’d like to do more than get your feet wet then, right.

Sara 11:24
Yes, I would, I would.

Sara 11:27
But But what I was gonna say is so and so listener will call in and they’ll say, okay, want to invest? And I’ll ask them well, you know, how much money would you like to invest in? What is your time horizon for getting started, you know, give me an idea of your six month goal and your, you know, five year plan. And a lot of them won’t open up to me at first, just because, you know, it’s a new relationship. They don’t know us, they’re getting to know us. And so they’ll start with one or two, and then, you know, they’ll start to get comfortable. And they’ll go into another market without ever, you know, verbalizing their goal to me. And so now I’m working a little bit harder on getting clients to open up and they really are, so that I can advise them, you know, look, if you’re gonna buy 20 properties, I’m not going to do two here and two here and two here, you know, let’s really come up with a better plan, you know, to simplify this for you. And so that’s that’s kind of I think, maybe what happened with Jesse was I don’t think she knew she was gonna buy all these properties. At first, you kind of got started and you know,

Jason Hartman 12:27
Well, I yeah, I absolutely must say that this becomes addictive. You know, usually when we talk about addictions, that is not a good thing, right. But there are a few good addictions, collecting income properties is a very nice addiction. Exercising is a good addiction, listening to Jason Hartman podcast is a great addiction, that’s like the best one you can have. Okay, so. But yeah, you know, it really does, you know, once you get going with this stuff, it’s like you want to buy the whole world, I remember when I looked at that map, of where I owned properties, and where my little mini real estate Empire was all over the country. And again, I was over diversified. But I tell you, it was certainly cool to just, you know, see that, that the point is, though, if you’re in three to five markets, now you want to start doubling down. because number one, one of the great things is you have some feedback on that market, you know, what the market is, like, you know, what the local market specialist is, like, you know, how well, you like their operation and get along with them, and like the way they do things. And so in those strong places, double down and get more properties. So you’re in, you know, ideally, no more than five markets.

Sara 13:45
Yeah, I totally agree. And actually, you know, one of the ways I’m advising clients is, you know, look, if you’re planning to do this, you know, big portfolio within two years, focus on one or two markets at a time, and do all your properties there first, you know, I don’t want to say one, I, you know, but probably start with two markets and acquire in those two markets, because what happens, and I think kind of what happened with Jesse and a lot of our clients is a new market will come up, and they’ll get really excited about that. And so they’ll, they’ll jump into that market. And then, you know, maybe a year goes by, and they haven’t doubled down yet. And all of a sudden, you know, a year or two years, that market doesn’t make sense anymore. Like some of those markets can change quickly.

Jason Hartman 14:27
Right. They get in other words, they get frothy, just so that was sort of what we’re saying when it doesn’t make sense anymore, is that they the market gets a little frothy, and it becomes more of a hybrid market than linear market. And the rents, you know, they escalate much more slowly than the prices do. So you get in that situation where that cash flow that you got when you started in that market. You just can’t achieve it anymore. You can’t get those kind of numbers anymore. So very important thing. Yeah,

Sara 14:55
Yeah. So you know, in other words, maybe they waited too long to double down. In the meantime, they had, you know, opened up, you know, two or three other markets. And so that now they have, you know, to hear to their, you know, their, they’ve got two and four markets, and maybe they can’t, you know, move on in that market because it’s changed. And so, you know, if, you know, you’re wanting to deploy a certain amount of capital, you know, just communicate that to us, so we can help you, you know, structure these portfolios. And, you know, Jason, as you said to me, the other day, I have this kind of algorithm I use in recommending markets and market specialists. And I know, you know, where the inventory is hot, you know, we’re, we’re getting a lot of Prop properties, you know, where, you know, maybe the management is, is better than other markets, where we’re getting the best communication. And there’s like, all these things that play into us recommending markets, I mean, of course, numbers, and, you know, location is the most important thing, but, you know, there’s so much more to it in terms of the teams and communication with our market specialists.

Jason Hartman 16:01
So this deserves a pause, because this deserves some real attention for a moment. Okay, Sarah, look, I have said many times, we would rather recommend a B market within a team than an a market with a B team any day, because the characteristics of the market, then, you know, look at that as definitely important. There’s no question about it. But more important than that are the characteristics of the team with which you’ll be working. And I can tell you that we’ve had this happen to us. And Sarah, I’m not going to mention the name. But you’ll remember one client who lives in Orange County, who we both know, this client had purchased several properties from us. And then in one of the areas where we really didn’t have a good local market specialist at the time, because, you know, we’re, we’re area agnostic, and we’re local market specialist agnostic to if, if a team is working well for us in the beginning, and then they start to get, you know, look, I’ll give you an old Napoleon quote, it’s a great quote, by the way, and here it goes, you want to write this one down, listeners, it’s a good one, here we go. I’ll repeat it twice. Napoleon said, the most dangerous moment comes with victory, the most dangerous moment comes with victory. And he said that, because the human nature is we always get complacent, maybe we get cocky, maybe we get, you know, too confident or entitled. And that’s what happens with some local market specialists, we will refer a bunch of business to them, they make a bunch of money, and then they become complacent, and they’re just not as good as they used to be, you know, they kind of take the relationship for granted. And we don’t want that. And so we’ll we’ll stop recommending as much business or if they’re really bad, we’ll fire them, which, you know, we’ve only had to do, you know, a handful of times over the years. So this particular client that I’m talking about, you know, started buying some properties on his own in this in this market that I’m referring to, and it didn’t go so well, because they have no leverage, you know, on a one off deal. Or, you know, if you go and you find someone yourself, and you buy three properties from them, I mean, they’re not going to treat that relationship as any big deal. We bring, we aggregate through through quantity to that local market specialist, so we can really get their attention and get some good service from them, and some good deals for our clients. So talk a little bit Sarah, about some of those issues. Of course, the market the numbers, does the market makes sense? Is that a good place? Is there in migration, job growth, you know, good rent to value ratios, all these other factors? What’s the age of the inventory? What’s the rental market? Like? There’s some like a zillion little factors, okay. But the, I want to call them the soft factors, okay. The things I just mentioned, were the hard factors, okay, the the sort of more data driven empirical things, but the the soft factors, like personalities, like, you know, if we have a client that’s really, you know, high strung, and a local market specialist who does a good job, but they’re kind of laid back, or vice versa, maybe the local market specialist is really hard or high strung, and the client is really laid back. Or, you know, that’s just an example I can think of off the top of my head. I mean, what what do you do when placing that local market specialist in that client, you know, deciding who to introduce to who, and especially in markets where we like the market, but maybe we have three different local market specialists in there that we can choose from? which one does the client get and why talk about that a little bit?

Sara 19:53
Well, so first of all, I’ve mentioned before, I’m an investment therapist, right which by the way, let’s give a shout out to Gabe. Right,

Jason Hartman 20:03
Gabriel. Thank you, that was so cool.

Sara 20:06
He sent a shirt that said investment therapist, and that was awesome. So we love that.

Jason Hartman 20:11
That was awesome. Thank you, Gabe.

Sara 20:14
But just recently, I’m also realizing I’m a matchmaker, right? So I’m a matchmaker between the investor and the local market specialist. And and you were right on point when you said, you know, look, if you have somebody that is high touch, meaning, you know, they, they need constant communication, they’re detail oriented, you got to make sure to put them in touch with the person who can deliver on that. And more often than not, not everybody can deliver on that, it seems like a simple thing to you know, return a call and return emails quickly and send photos, but, you know, some are better at it than others. And so, you know, we were definitely partnering up, you know, the investors with the right fit for their communication style.

Jason Hartman 21:03
and someone listening who hasn’t invested with us, or hasn’t invested at all might be thinking, you know, they work at a corporate job. And it’s a well run company, and things get done, and people communicate. But in this world, this is a world of mom and pop businesses. It’s very fragmented. Real Estate school is super easy to pass. Unfortunately, I think it should be a lot harder. But you know, look at one of the hardest tests in the country, for example, actually, now that we’re talking about that the bar exam, okay, the bar exam, and then the series seven securities license to sell stocks and bonds, right? I mean, those tests are much harder than the real estate exam. And there’s a lot of idiots doing that stuff, too. Okay. So everything is fragmented, really, you know, it’s, it’s not like you’re working with IBM, okay. You know, it’s just, it’s just not like that anymore. In today’s world, so. So yeah, I agree. You know, you got to embrace the fragmentation. That’s what keeps Goldman Sachs out of our business, because they don’t want to deal with these little mom and pops. And they can’t work their way around that. But it, it preserves the opportunity for the small investor, which is a wonderful thing.

Sara 22:22
Yeah. So I agree. And our clients are doing great. They, you know, because of all the teachings you do on your podcast, you know, they’re really learning how to manage their managers. And, you know, we have a few clients that are starting to self manage their properties. But, you know, for somebody that works a full time job and doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands, we certainly take a lot of the guesswork out of it for them. And, you know, this can be done alongside your, you know, full time job or your full time soccer mom program. I happen to you know, have both So, you know, it can certainly be done.

Jason Hartman 23:01
Okay, so any other clients you want to mention and kind of like what they’re doing. You know, Toby, Mark, you there’s just so many Tina, I mean, I’m looking at your list here, Chris, Kevin, I mean, last just just last month, by the way, Sarah, you did I think what 47 transactions, is that correct?

Sara 23:21
Um, I don’t know. Maybe? Yeah. Last month was busy. Last month was busy. Yeah. So you mentioned Toby from Hawaii. And she’s another client that we started working with years ago. And she, you know, she sent me an email, I don’t know, a few months back and, and she had kind of a challenging year, about a year ago, I would say, last year, and the year before, she had some vacant units. And so we were communicating on that. And then a few months ago, she said, You’re not going to believe it. All my units are leased. And so that was really exciting. And so then, you know, she started acquiring again, and she we actually talked yesterday or the day before, and she says, Wow, when I close this next, you know, portfolio, I’m going to have 19 properties.

Jason Hartman 24:06
Fantastic. Congratulations, Toby. That’s awesome. 19 properties. Good.

Sara 24:11
So congrats. And she, she is busy. She She works full time. She’s a mom. She is always I think anytime she and I talked to each other, we’re both in the car. You know, so she’s super busy, but she’s made the time to, to acquire a pretty good portfolio.

Jason Hartman 24:30
Good stuff, good stuff, you know, Anoop and Carlos and, boy, there’s just Damon. I mean, you know, Steve, of course, Rich. I I just wish I could say full names. So it would, you know, be easier to communicate about it but but you know, there’s just a lot of people who I just see these repeat names over and over again, that are just stocking up on property. Wow. Um, I’m getting a little envious of our own clients here. Like I need to be buying more stuff.

Sara 24:59
You should. I can help you find some properties if you like.

Jason Hartman 25:02
I bet you can. But you know me. What a difficult client I am sorry, you wouldn’t want me.

Sara 25:06
Yeah, you’re pretty difficult.

Jason Hartman 25:10
No, I’m not. I’m easy.

Sara 25:12
I gotta put our top-notch market specialist. Yeah. How about one more shout out? How about Andy and Stacy. They’re from the southern California area. And they’re young. They’re a young couple. I want to say early 30s, late 20s. Maybe? I think they’re younger than me. I don’t know. Anyways, they just closed on about five properties. I think all in Memphis, too. And that was their second shot. I mean, they were acquiring properties about a year and a half ago. They’ve been out to our meet the masters and they’re doing great. I love to see the the young, young kids. You know, doing this at an early age is awesome.

Jason Hartman 25:57
Yeah, that really is good. You know, wherever you are. Most people have that same thing, you know, that reluctant investors lament that I many times share, and I’ll try to be sure to share that again in San Diego. But you know, I hesitate to make a list of all the deals I’ve missed. And that type of mentality that should have coulda woulda, and that you don’t look at the only moment any of us have control of ever is now and it’s gone. And now and it’s gone. And so if you haven’t started, or if you haven’t done much yet, in terms of building your, your income property portfolio, just keep going just buy some more properties. And start today, wherever you are, is where you have to start. You can’t start 10 years ago, it just doesn’t happen. So you got to start today, and just grow your portfolio from there. So absolutely Good. Good stuff. So any other clients you want to mention? I just think people love to hear their clients stories, if you you know, have any unique parts of them.

Sara 26:59
Uhm, you mentioned I think you mentioned like the whole list. I don’t know. I mean, Damon,

Jason Hartman 27:05
Tell us about Damon

Sara 27:07
Damon, he’s been a client for a while as well. I mean, he he just got started with the land contracts as well as Bill.

Jason Hartman 27:15
Bill’s been doing a lot of land contracts, by the way. And by the way, just explain that to the listeners. Again, we ran that as a flashback Friday recently. And we also ran that episode. And I think, January or December originally. I know it was sort of a quick turnaround for flashback Friday, but that local market specialist will be at our San Diego event. So we wanted to refresh your memory on the land contracts. He presented at our Meet the Masters event last January. And you know, people are buying paper through our network, not just properties. They’re buying the paper on the properties too. Right?

Sara 27:51
Yeah. And I think that’s a good fit for people who want to use some of their IRA funds to invest. I think, you know, that’s a good source. And then we’ve got, you mentioned Rich, he’s on the East Coast. Rich is my buddy. He’s like one of our nicest clients, and all of our clients are awesome. They’re all nice, but rich, like every time we email, he’s like, oh, thank you so much. And it makes my day he’s like, so gracious. You know, for our help. And it’s funny, cuz he’s like, the nicest guy, right? But then he told me the other day, he’s like, man, I really don’t trust anybody.

Sara 28:30
You know, but he’s doing really good, too. He’s, he’s got a nice little portfolio. And yeah, he’s been great. So

Jason Hartman 28:39
Good to hear. Good to hear. I think I think you’re gonna get some people mad at you that you singled him out as the nicest. Now everybody’s gonna try and win the nicest award.

Sara 28:47
I like flowers, Starbucks.

Jason Hartman 28:51
Oh, shut up. You should be sending them flowers and Starbucks. Don’t say that.

Sara 28:55
I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. He doesn’t send me any gifts. I promise.

Jason Hartman 29:00
Sarah, don’t shoot yourself in the shoe.

Sara 29:02
I won’t, I won’t.

Jason Hartman 29:05
Yeah, and in the past, you know, over the years, and many of them have been on the show. So we kind of tried to mention some clients that haven’t been on the show. And of course, if you’re listening to this, and you’d like to be on or you’ve been on before, we’d love to have you. We love hearing your story and your case studies. I think it’s super valuable to our other clients. You know, whether it be Philip or David or any of the people we’ve had so many over the years that have come on the show. You know, Neil is always participating in the monthly member calls. So I’m very grateful for that. You know, it’s just always nice to have clients on the show. And we really, really appreciate that.

Sara 29:46
Yes. And please come out to our events. If we haven’t met you in person. I love meeting our clients in person. I mean, it just it just I don’t know it’s when when you’re working with somebody and you’ve met them. It’s just a different feel like I can’t explain it. But I love meeting our clients in person. And I hope to see several of them at our upcoming event here. Again, I’m sure there will still be a few seats left by the time you hear this.

Jason Hartman 30:13
Yeah, we’re recording this episode a little bit early, by the way, so we’re kind of ahead in our production. But yeah, our San Diego event is coming up fast. Okay, and join us for that, go to Jason And register. That’s Jason Hartman University Live is the name of the event JHU Live, just on the Jason website, you can register in the events section, we’d love to see you there. We’ve also got our venture Alliance event little just just slightly over a month away. Newport, Rhode Island, that is just going to be fantastic. I’ve been working with all over one of our investment counselors who’s helping out plan that event. And boy, that’s just going to be phenomenal. I can hardly wait, what a fantastic event, we’ve got a great speaker that is 98% confirmed coming to that event. And he lives in New York City, and will be coming up to Newport Rhode Island to present the ins and outs of the hard money and private lending business. You know, many of our clients do do that as well. And then you can buy the paper, buy the notes at a discount the land contracts, we’ll be presenting that at the San Diego event. So just a lot of good stuff. And we really just appreciate our clients so much. And we’re having a banner year, I mean, business is nothing short of phenomenal. So we thank you all so much for your business and your continued support. We offer lifetime rental coordination to help you with your properties. If you have a problem, years in the future, from from when you bought the property, just let us know. We’re always happy to help you just continue to earn your business. So thank you very much for that. And Sarah, any other thoughts? In closing? Let’s wrap this up.

Sara 31:56
No, I mean, we covered a lot. Thank you so much for having me on the show. And until next time.

Jason Hartman 32:02
Yep. We’ll see as many of you as possible at the event. One more thing I’ll just say about our live events. Come out and meet us come out and meet our clients. So many of our clients repeat these events. And they come over and over again. Now this event. JHU live is a totally new event. So that really will be different than our creating wealth boot camp than our meet the Masters that our property tours, it’s different than that. So that’s a new event. Okay, so we got something new going on, which is exciting. But you get to meet our clients and talk to them, and hear about their experiences and learn from them and then also learn from us. So just make it a point to come see us in person live somewhere in the country, maybe once a year, I think that that would be a really good goal to do that once a year. So we’re always sort of in touch with you and can see you in person. Okay, so thanks so much, Jason is the website and also for a discount on the San Diego event. Just write a review on iTunes, and send a screenshot to reviews at Jason That’s reviews with an S it’s plural reviews at Jason Send me that screenshot of your review, and I will send you back a promo code for a 30% discount. We’ll look forward to seeing you there. Or maybe even at our venture Alliance event. At the end of September. Happy investing everyone and thanks for listening.

Announcer 33:30
I’ve never really thought of Jason as subversive, but I just found out that’s what Wall Street considers him to be

Announcer 33:37
Really now How is that possible at all?

Announcer 33:40
Simple. Wall Street believes that real estate investors are dangerous to their schemes? Because the dirty truth about income property is that it actually works in real life.

Announcer 33:51
I know I mean, how many people do you know not including insiders who created wealth with stocks, bonds and mutual funds. those options are for people who only want to pretend they’re getting ahead.

Announcer 34:02
Stocks and other non direct traded assets are a losing game for most people. The typical scenario is you make a little you lose a little and spin your wheels for decades.

Announcer 34:13
That’s because the corporate crooks running the stock and bond investing game will always see to it that they win. This means unless you’re one of them, you will not win.

Announcer 34:23
And unluckily for Wall Street, Jason has a unique ability to make the everyday person understand investing the way it should be. He shows them a world where anything less than a 26% annual return is disappointing.

Announcer 34:38
Yep. And that’s why Jason offers a one book set on creating wealth that comes with 20 digital download audios. He shows us how we can be excited about these scary times. And to exploit the incredible opportunities this present economy has afforded us.

Announcer 34:52
We can pick local markets untouched by the economic downturn, exploit packaged commodities investing and achieve exceptional returns safely and securely.

Announcer 35:03
I like how he teaches you how to protect the equity in your home before it disappears and how to outsource your debt obligations to the government.

Announcer 35:11
And this set of advanced strategies for wealth creation is being offered for only $197.

Announcer 35:18
To get your creating wealth encyclopedia book one complete with over 20 hours of audio, go to Jason forward slash store.

Announcer 35:27
If you want to be able to sit back and collect checks every month, just like a banker, Jason’s creating wealth encyclopedia series is for you.

This show is produced by the Hartman media company All rights reserved for distribution or publication rights and media interviews, please visit www dot Hartman or email media at Hartman Nothing on this show should be considered specific personal or professional advice. Please consult an appropriate tax legal real estate or business professional for individualized advice. opinions of guests are their own. And the host is acting on behalf of Platinum properties, investor network, Inc, exclusively.

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